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Bitwig Studio updated to v2.5


Bitwig recently updated Bitwig Studio to v2.5.

New features

  • Plug-in hosting overhaul.
  • Concept of clip blocks, for addressing different groups of Launcher clips with new Next Action options.
  • Slide-content editing gesture, for shifting the content of clips from the Arranger Panel (and audio events from the Detail Editor Panel).
  • New device: Note FX Selector, for setting up multiple note FX layers and dynamically switching between them.
  • macOS: Pinch-zooming using trackpad for zooming in all timeline editors (including Arranger) and in the Sampler waveform display.


Plug-in hosting overhaul

  • Added the plug-in hosting mode By Manufacturer, which sandboxes plug-ins from the same manufacturer together (permitting communication between them, when necessary).
  • Added the plug-in hosting mode By Plug-in, which sandboxes all instances of the same plug-in together (sometimes saving memory).
  • Renamed and clarified the original hosting modes (now called Within Bitwig [hosts all plug-ins with Bitwig Studio's audio engine], Together [hosts all plug-ins in a single sandbox], and Individually [hosts each plug-in instance by itself]).
  • Quicker scanning of plug-ins, including less chance that plug-ins will show dialogs during scanning.
  • Ability to filter out plug-ins that exist in different versions (by preferring 64-bit over 32-bit, and/or VST3 over VST 2) in either Browser.
  • Option to temporarily show filtered plug-ins in either Browser.
  • Reduce the OS resources we allocate for each plug-in (we no longer allocate a new shared memory area for each plug-in).
  • Plug-in windows better restore their position and size.
  • Deactivating a plug-in (either directly or when deactivating its track) now unloads the plug-in.
  • Text values for VST3 parameters now shows the knob value (not the modulated value).
  • Text values entry for VST3 plug-in parameters use the parameter's actual unit.
  • Support VST3 parameter default values.
  • Support VST3 plug-ins dynamically changing their list of parameters at run-time.
  • Sets VST3 channel information (helps handle how certain plug-ins function).
  • When using U-he VST3 plug-ins also show the h2p preset files in the browser for them and when dragging an h2p file use the VST3 version instead of VST 2 if it is present.
  • Windows: Added context menu option for whether each plug-in should automatically stretch its interface.
  • macOS: some old VST plug-ins that have both Cocoa and Carbon GUI will now open windows with the more modern Cocoa GUI.


  • Optimizations on Mac, providing much improved application launch time and better overall performance.
  • When dragging the start or end of Arranger audio clips, contained audio events that overlap are also adjusted.
  • Changing the tempo of audio events via the clip inspector also resizes the clip.
  • Follow Playback option is now set locally within each timeline editor panel.
  • Can now zoom to the current selection by pressing the Z key (pressing it a second time zooms out to the full length of the current editor).
  • Zooming in and out is faster in the Arranger Timeline Panel.
  • When audio files are added to the arrangement as Raw audio, clip length matches the audio file.
  • When searching in either Browser, closer matches are sorted to the top of the results.
  • Added numerous functions (available as user-defined shortcuts) for navigating and controlling your arrangement.
  • New shortcuts for "Turn On", "Turn Off" and "Toggle On / Off" to set the bypass state of selected devices.
  • All selector devices (Instrument Selector, FX Selector, Note FX Selector) now display which layers are currently active and which are suspended.
  • Better categorization of actions in the shortcuts editor.
  • The states of Browser panels are saved for projects and templates.
  • Expanded Browser folders are remembered, as is which section was expanded.
  • Shift-clicking a folder's triangle icon in the Browser Panel will expand or collapse all folders at the same level.
  • Clip Launcher: Loop length of recorded Clips is quantized to bars.
  • Record buttons in the Clip Launcher Panel are now shown in red.
  • Extension API v8: add setter for the clip launch quantization and the default quantization setting.
  • Extension API v8: add clip launch to Q setter.
  • Akai APC40 mkII: added option to "scroll by pages" as default (making "scroll by one track" the option when holding SHIFT).
  • AkaiAPC40 mkII: you can now double tap sends, user and bank button to have them stay on (it was already possible by using shift).
  • Akai APC40 mkII: the main track bank is not following the selected track anymore.
  • Akai APC40 mkII: new option to control the send effect (via device controls) when the send is latched (via shift or double tap).
  • Akai APC40 mkII: better indications for sends and pan.
  • Akai APC40 mkII: shift + track select to configure the default launch quantization.


  • Clip scaling actions (such as Scale 50% and Scale 200%) also scale the clip's loop bracket and start/stop markers.
  • Event snapping in the audio editor is improved when snapping to event boundaries.
  • Sustain pedal data is now properly imported from MIDI files.
  • MIDI clock is no longer offset when pre-roll is in use.
  • The note editor was sometimes unavailable after opening a project.
  • Consolidate now continues clipped notes when there are notes on other keys/channels.
  • VST3 on Linux did not remember the size of the plug-in window.
  • Sometimes the track's mute might introduce a click sound.
  • Automation now repaints correctly when changing timeline tool.
  • Opening a project that had a file selected in browser and auto preview option enabled would start playback of the selected file when the project was loaded.
  • Crash when adding a scene after navigating into a group.
  • Setting an instrument layer chain to solo and deleting it, leaves the rest of the chains muted.
  • Steps modulator: with high amount of steps, miniature view does not display current step anymore.
  • Changing sample rate on Apogee's Ensemble Thunderbolt device does not work correctly on macOS (thanks to Apogee for helping out.).
  • Potential crash when trying to move audio event in locked layer (audio editor in clip content mode).
  • Duplicate Clip function refers to wrong clip length in some cases.
  • Plug-in windows are not opening on top of main Bitwig Studio window when that is in full-screen mode on macOS.
  • Support io bus and latency changing notifications for plug-ins correctly and fade in/out their audio when this happens.
  • macOS: some plug-in windows look empty when opening the first time.
  • Crash when sliding content in launcher clip on Windows when "Tablet" or "Master/Detail" Display Profile is active.
  • Crash when invoking action to toggle note editor layer locking on layer that can't be locked.
  • Crash when dragging after double-clicking in velocity editor if the mouse was not moved before second click (to draw linear ramp).
  • When showing the popup browser from the device chain '+' button, the browser's width can only be resized on the left side, but should be resizable on the right side instead.
  • HW Instrument device: does not apply selected MIDI channel to CC automation.
  • Dragging an audio event to the clip launcher of a grouped track to create a new scene may crash the app.
  • Activating / deactivating per voice option in modulators is not undoable.
  • When copying a device to the clipboard and then pasting it again any choices in source selectors are lost (e.g Dynamics device or a plug-in with a side chain input).
  • Engine sometimes crashes when moving an automation lane from one clip to another on the clip launcher.
  • Fixed various issues with VST3 plug-ins that don't strictly follow the spec.
  • Parameter automation gets smoothed after device wakeup but should jump immediately to the correct value.
  • Setting sample rate in other applications gets blocked by Bitwig Studio on macOS.
  • Channel was ignored for MIDI messages sent via MIDIOut.sendMidi() control surface API.
  • Prevent control surfaces from sending MIDI system messages via MIDIOut.sendMidi() which is intended for channel messages.
  • Engine could crash in some rare situations when a plug-in crashed even though it was sandboxed.
  • Plug-in window for Melodyne VST3 could only be opened once.
  • When hosting plug-ins in the engine process, the engine could leak memory.
  • Some VST3 plug-ins could crash when being deleted.
  • Engine crash when connecting to projects that were saved with certain Browser states.
  • Initial size of "Delete used files" dialog was too small.
  • Crash when selecting all multi sample groups when there are none to select.
  • Some plug-ins that did not conform to the VST3 specification could return some junk text in various cases.
  • Don't show parameters from plug-ins in the parameter list if they are not automatable.
  • Selected filter section in the preset tab was not correctly remembered when reopening a project.
  • Add workaround for u-he plug-ins that incorrectly report latency changes when they didn't happen.
  • SFZ files that were saved on a Windows machine that used relative paths to samples containing the backslash (\) character could not be opened on Linux and macOS machines (and vice versa).
  • Dragging in a multiselection of files from the file browser does not preserve the order.
  • WAV files with invalid "smpl" chunks do not load.
  • LFO modulator may get quantized after running in kHz for a while.
  • Sample root key should be read from filename instead of WAV file header when both are available (and the value extracted from the file name appears more likely to be correct).
  • Fixed mono sidechain input in plug-ins.
  • Saving a multisample file on top of itself could result in data loss in some situations.
  • Initial launch of a freshly recorded Launcher clip could be incorrectly timed.
  • macOS: window content appears shifted by the height of the title bar in some old VST plug-ins with Carbon GUI.
  • Dragging a project into a project which has fewer scenes than the one being dragged may crash the application.


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