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ConcreteFX releases MicroDicer


ConcreteFX has released MicroDicer, which they describe as an easy to use, flexible beat-slicing VST plug-in for Windows. It can use both WAV and REX 1 & 2 files, and it allows dragging and dropping of both slices & MIDI, in to and out of the plug-in.


  • Supports 16/24 bit mono & stereo WAV and REX 1 & 2 format samples. You can drag and drop these files from other applications or alternatively you can use the file loading system, where you can preview them before you load them in (for REX files these can be played back in sync with the host tempo).
  • You can splits samples into as may 128 different slices, samples can be sliced using automatic beat detection, into equal parts or at a set number of beats.
  • Automatic splitting of slices and mapping of these to notes when you load in a sample.
  • Each MIDI note can trigger any slice, with each triggered slice having its own pitch, volume, panning, choke group, output channel and playback mode.
  • One to four output channels.
  • Drag and drop of MIDI slice file into your host, this MIDI file can be altered so it is a set number of bars long or at a set tempo.
  • Ability to save each slice as separate waves or selected slices as one file, also you can drag and drop selected slices to other programs.
  • Three playback keys, loop, rnd and sequence, where all the slices can be played in order by pressing a key, this playback is autosynced to the host's tempo.
  • Very low CPU usage, and 8 preset slots.
  • MicroDicer graphics were designed by E-Phonic, and is fully skinnable, several skins are supplied.
  • Full manual included in PDF format.

MicroDicer costs US$40 / EU€30 / GB£21 and a time-limited save disabled demo version is available.

If you already own Dicer (or buy it) you'll automatically get a free copy of MicroDicer.



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