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ConcreteFX releases Kubik v2.0


ConcreteFX has released version 2.0 of Kubik. The demo version has also been updated. The full version can be purchased for the special offer price of £30/€45/$54 for the next week, after which it will rise to the full price (£50/€75/$90).

The major changes in v2.0:

  • Completely new graphics, which is sinkable with 6 skins included.
    - view screenshot 1.
    - view screenshot 2.
  • Proper Modulation Matrix, 20 slots which can use any envelope, LFO, step sequence, key split or key/midi controls to alter any property.
  • Four 16 Step Sequencer.
  • Two Key splits.
  • Step Sequencer now works in graphic mode as well as tracker mode.
  • Much improved bank / wavetable / waveform browser.
  • Additive Wavetable shaper control.
  • Both FX can use all 10 effects now.
  • Oscillator wave shaping controls, phase, pulse width, rectification, bit and sample rate.
  • 2 new banks of presets, plus lots of new wavetables and waveforms.


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