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Devicemeister releases Stepic - Step and Modulation Sequencer for Ableton Live


Devicemeister has announced the release of Stepic, a step and modulation sequencer, designed as a Max for Live MIDI Effect for use with Ableton Live.

Stepic has been equipped with the user interface of a VST3 plug-in. All essential functions are directly accessible. A key highlight is the 8 integrated modulation sequencers. Their ability to automate any Live or MIDI CC parameter and to operate at their own sequence and note length make Stepic a polyrhythmic sound shaping tool.

What the Developer says about Stepic:

With Stepic, Devicemeister wants to give producers a tool with which they can create out-of-the-ordinary sounds quickly and intuitively. It should integrate seamlessly into their workflow and enable them to fully exploit their creative potential. It shouldn't matter whether they need a simple sequence with finesse or whether they want to create deep sound structures with complex parameter progressions. Stepic must lead there without distraction. Because when ideas flow freely, we get the result we are looking for.

Stepic's Key Features:

  • 16 step sequencer.
  • Per section configurable sequence length (Pitch, Octave, Velocity, etc.).
  • 8 independent modulation sequencers.
  • Per modulation sequencer configurable modulation targets: Ableton Live, MIDI CC.
  • MIDI CC automation routable to external devices.
  • Individual sequence and note length per modulation sequencer.
  • Polyphony: Per step chord editor with 6 octave range.
  • Custom note length option for note and modulation sequencers (Range: 1/99 to 99/1).
  • 16 pattern storage.
  • Pattern concatenation modes: Same, Next, Random, Fixed.
  • Extendable pattern length: Up to 16 bars.
  • Maximum sequence length: 4096 steps (16 steps x 16 bars x 16 patterns).
  • Step Connect to merge two or more steps into one.
  • Fully customizable scale system.
  • Over 220 randomization options for almost any device value.
  • Per section Dice and Shift to get results fast.
  • Clipboard to copy sequences across sections and patterns.
  • Random step play order.
  • Per section re-trigger options: Off, Bar, Pattern.
  • Fully scalable user interface.

Price: €39.



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