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Extreme Sample Converter updated to 3.2


Extreme Sample Converter version 3.2 is now available.


  • RENOISE: import and export added.
  • FLAC: import and export of lossless audio compression added.
  • DASH SIGNATURE: import and export added.
  • TOOLS: New redesigned trimming functions.


  • AKP: reading from sample files with wrong chunk size.
  • AKP: recognizing loop modes (ex. one shot, release, sustain).
  • AKP: zone loops were not visible correctly in sample info.
  • CONVERSION: mapping and sample view is not cleared during conversion.
  • GIGA: keyswitching import half tone low.
  • HARDWARE CONVERTER: Menu "cleanings"
  • HARDWARE CONVERTER: no midi output bug
  • HALION: MacHD paths with '/' char were not recognized correctly.
  • HALION: Import banks with aif files.
  • KONTAKT: Voice Groups translation and Polyphony settings.
  • PREFERENCES: message "can't open midi input" was displayed during midi input changing.
  • PREFERENCES: all settings (import, export, conversion) have been moved to one place under "Preferences" menu now.
  • PREFERENCES: cleared virtual disks were not removed from ini file.
  • SAMPLELORD: added status messages during conversion.
  • SAMPLELORD: keyswitching region was not imported correctly.
  • SAMPLELORD: 8-bit samples were not correctly saved.
  • SFZ: sample start offset editing.
  • TOOLS: audio trimming didn't work with 24-bit files.
  • TOOLS: moving start/end/looping points doesn't start audio.
  • TOOLS: zooming doesn't move view position.
  • TOOLS: additional info about bit depth resolution was added to sample view.
  • VSTi CONVERTER: ASIO is not released automatically now when switched from/to other application. There is a dedicated ASIO button to turn on/off ASIO driver when needed.
  • VSTi CONVERTER: Save dialog box was not opened under Win98.
  • VSTi CONVERTER: Menu "cleanings". Record option is called "Sampling" now. After Sampling we can close VSTi Converter window and to do further conversion and editing.
  • VSTi CONVERTER: Audio sampling crashed with special sample name settings.
  • VSTi CONVERTER: No audio output with some vsti plugins.
  • WAVE: 24-bit samples with unpaired chunks were not saved correctly.
  • WAVE: SMPL chunk was not saved to non looped samples.
  • WUSIK: layer name is set to instrument name.
  • WUSIK: "Soundset is missing" info is showed at the end of import.
  • WUSIK: Wusik V3 presets were not recognized.


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