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Extreme Sample Converter updated to 3.1.5


Extreme Sample Converter has been updated to 3.1.5.


  • Added: Multi selections of audio files and samples.
  • Added: Converting of selected audio files to context menu of sample "Convert selected..." command.
  • Added: Conversion of all content of wave files (including authoring, additional info).
  • Added: Option in EmulatorX import "Create names for voices layers" .
  • Added: Tempo knob in VSTi Converter can controls a tempo in VST plugins.
  • Added: "Keep sample references" option for Sfz, Kontakt, Halion conversions. Converts only patches without sample (re)copying.
  • Added: "Group By Layers" option in sfz menu.
  • Added: Ogg samples can be compressed by setting a Quality options accessible from Sfz menu.
  • Added: Mouse Wheel support in VSTi plugins window.
  • Added: Solton export in destination menu.
  • Added: Zone info displays loop modes.
  • Added: Midi Input... option in VSTi Converter opens Preferences dialog.
  • Added: Trimming options of audio files.
  • Added: Context tool menu in a sample view and sample view on a dual window.
  • Changed: Non-destructive truncate options have been renamed to short names Trim Start, Trim End, Trim Loop End.
  • Changed: Doubled files are marked with brackets instead of underline.
  • Changed: ASIO, Dxwrapper, Ogg modules have been included into main exe file.
  • Changed: MONITOR to ASIO button in VSTi Converter which turns off/releases ASIO driver.
  • Improved: Plugins can resize window with VST implementation.
  • Improved: Edit sample parameters tool.
  • Fixed: Closing fxrack window hides a VSTi Converter window in some cases.
  • Fixed: Samplerate parameter was not saved correctly in EmulatorX format.
  • Fixed: Giga import of attenuation boost parameter, keyswitching, loop points, Round Robin parameters, some files could be not readable.
  • Fixed: Giga export and stereo to mono conversion.
  • Fixed: Halion to others wrong Program number conversion.
  • Fixed: Kontakt conversions of loop modes (loop off, sustain, release, one shot), cycle random switching.
  • Fixed: Kontakt export of stereo samples where only left or right channel was mapped.
  • Fixed: Emu, Akai to Samplelord conversion.
  • Fixed: Samplelord conversion produced empty sample files and sometimes it crashed application.
  • Fixed: Loop editor changes and sample editing were not applied during Samplelord conversion.
  • Fixed: Sfz import crashes with audio files containing non standard chunks.
  • Fixed: Sfz conversions of loop modes and paths defined in a group.
  • Fixed: Kontakt to Sfz wrong keyswitches.
  • Fixed: Cut to sample start tool, cut to sample end tool.
  • Fixed: Audio output selecting under Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: Selecting regions in VSTi Converter.
  • Fixed: Working with ASIO4ALL driver.
  • Fixed: Crash in VSTi Converter when the sample was still playing.
  • Fixed: Crash when ExSC was closed and Dual Window opened.
  • Fixed: Some Halion paths were not recognized correctly even with localizing of folder with these samples.
  • Fixed: Searching of missed samples in Kontakt, Halion format. Capital letters in a filename are ignored.


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