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Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.5.7


W.Grabowski has updated Extreme Sample Converter to v3.5.7.


  • New: MIDI Input button in Hardware Converter panel and it allows to play sounds from another MIDI keyboard.
  • New: Bank Select MSB, Bank Select LSB, Program Change knobs to set patch in external MIDI synthesiser. These three MIDI messages are sent after releasing a mouse key.
  • New: Page Up/Page Down allows to edit zone velocity point.
  • New: Arrow Keys, Space allows to move between zone and Space to trigger selected zone.
  • New: Open/Save Zones it is possible to save all zone map and settings.
  • New: Enhanced Level Meters showing peak level of recently triggered note.
  • New: Velocity info to the selected zone or pressed mouse at specified point on the zone map.
  • New: Gain Level.
  • New: VSTi Converter Real-Time Mode. It allows to record samples from virtualized hardware.
  • New: New audio processing functions: Normalize, Fade In, Fade Out on selected sample or audio selection.
  • New: MIDI Latency instead of previous Sample Start Point option. Audio data will be automatically trimmed with the specified time in [ms] at the beginning. Previous Sample Start Point is not set now to the sample info but we can still edit Sample Start Point in sample view of main window.
  • New: 32bit resolution in wave view. Bigger range of [-]/[+] zoom buttons also added.
  • Fixed: Audio conversions between 32bit and 32bit float data.
  • Fixed: MIDI Input On/Off between main window and VSTi/Hardware Converter window also MIDI Input led is correctly highlighted when switching to/from VSTi/Hardware Converter.
  • Fixed: Level Meters worked in semi-RMS mode instead of peak mode. Now they works in PEAK mode and shows exactly the maximum level of signal from input or from the plug-in.
  • Fixed: Clicking on non-mapped area of zone map deselects all zones.
  • Fixed: MIDI Input button was not refreshed after quitting from MIDI Input... dialog.
  • Fixed: Bigger pause has been added to the recording sounds from plug-in to avoid mixing audio of the previous and next recorded sample.


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