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Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.1.6; Samplelord updated to v1.1.1


Wlodzimierz Grabowski has updated Extreme Sample Converter to version 3.1.6 and Samplelord to v1.1.1.

Extreme Sample Converter v3.1.6 changes:

  • Added: Wusikstation V4 format support - it's possible saving of stereo and even mixed mono/stereo samples.
  • Added: Wusikstation Real Mono export with several options.
  • Added: "Folder..." option in Wusik Destination menu for easy access.
  • Added: New dialog VST Folders... with switching independently of any path to define multiple VSTi plugin folders.
  • Added: Settings are stored in *.ini file. All configuration is saved to exsc.ini file now and registry is no longer used to keep settings.
  • Added: Plugin, Fxrack, VSTi Converter windows save positions and visibility when vsti converter is closed and opened again.
  • Added: "Send sample to Audio Editor" option to sample's context menu.
  • Fixed: Save Dialog shows a correct path to Wusikstation presets now.
  • Improved: Plugin, FxRack, VSTiConverter windows.
  • Improved: Switching audio drivers between ASIO driver used in VSTi Converter and MME driver used in Main window.
  • Improved: Plugin window can be opened and closed by clicking on its name in FxRack.
  • Improved: MIDI IN led activity and MIDI IN port switching.
  • Improved: Remembering selection of 'Dithering' option in menu.
  • Changed: "Export" button in Sample view opens a window to save sample on disk instead of sending it to Audio Editor like before.
  • Changed: Names of Tool menu options.
  • Changed: "OGG Samples" options in sfz menu have been moved to higher submenu.
  • Fixed: Button "Reset to default settings" in Preferences menu did not set all parameters to its default position.

Samplelord v1.1.1 improves "Fixed output" versions using:

  • Improved: "Fixed output" version use the same main plugin file samplelord.dll.
  • Improved: All "Fixed output" versions use only one and the same initialization file samplelord.ini. Resources and other plugin data are shared between "Fixed output" versions so they occupies less memory now and loads faster.
  • Improved: Stereo Outputs menu has been renamed to Stereo Fixed Outputs when "Fixed Output" version is loaded.
  • Added: "Show System Directories" into Display menu to show sound folders with a special icon assigned.
  • Fixed: "Multiprocessing", "Polyphony Limiter" options were not remembered after plugin restart.
  • Fixed: Problem with fonts were 2 plugin windows were opened and font has been changed only in one window caused a wrong browser's items drawing.


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