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FLUX:: Immersive releases free Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution for macOS


FLUX: Immersive has announced Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution, a complete workflow set up for Immersive Audio creation and production using custom-built Live Devices and Templates, with a complete guide and tutorial videos, created to integrate Ableton Live with SPAT Revolution - 100% Freeware.

Ableton Live is a DAW offering extensive capabilities for automation, making it really suitable for creating outstanding Immersive Audio content using spatial movements, and other effects, in SPAT Revolution.

With Ableton Live being a popular choice for many music creators, this toolset takes the creative possibilities to the next level, presenting a simple and quick way of getting into multichannel object based creation and sound design in an Immersive Audio context, using the extensive powers of both Ableton Live and SPAT Revolution.


  • Improve the workflow for Immersive audio creation and integrate Ableton Live and Spat Revolution.
  • Improve your existing workflow with object based mixing and free yourself by going multichannel.
  • Make the most of the powerful tools available in Live to improve your creative experience.
  • Free custom built Live Devices using the powerful audio effect rack in Ableton Live.
  • Compatible with your existing workflow – Just applied on top of it.
  • Simple to Set Up, Simple to Use, Simple to Understand.
  • Compatible with multiple computer setups.
  • Automation Powered by OSC.

The Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution includes; Templates, Devices, macOS shortcuts, and a user guide for getting it all up and running quickly.

Ableton Live Tools for SPAT Revolution is available now, for macOS only, as a free download in FLUX: Center.



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