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HARMAN Professional Solutions to acquire FLUX Software Engineering


HARMAN Professional Solutions has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Flux Software Engineering ("FLUX:"), pioneers in immersive audio production, audio processing plug-in design, and audio analysis.

The acquisition will broaden HARMAN Professional's offerings across multiple applications with world-class immersive technology, in addition to establishing a foundation for future innovation by bringing together FLUX:'s team with the hardware and software engineers of HARMAN Professional. When closed, the purchase will include FLUX:'s immersive, processing, and analysis solutions across live production, installation sound, content creation, and post-production.

The FLUX: acquisition is part of a technology investment HARMAN Professional is making to bring outstanding immersive experiences for live and recorded productions. From creation to real-time immersive delivery, we aim to empower artists, designers, and engineers with a comprehensive product offering across the entire system. The foundational technology developed by the talented FLUX: team opens many opportunities for future integration with our portfolio of brands.

Brian Divine, President, HARMAN Professional Solutions

France-based FLUX: was founded in 2006 by then seasoned sound recording engineer and current CEO, Gaël Martinet, for the purpose of creating intuitive and innovative audio software tools. Now, the portfolio of nearly 20 products is used globally by professionals across many applications:

  • FLUX: SPAT Revolution is a powerful object-based and perceptual immersive mixing solution providing artists, sound-designers, and sound-engineers the tools to design, create, and mix outstanding real-time immersive experiences.
  • FLUX: Analyzer is a modular RTA-system providing an extensive range of analyzer options for any audio analysis and measurement application.
  • FLUX: Processing includes a comprehensive suite of plugins including channel strips, EQs, dynamics processing, and more.

The future integration of our software technology with HARMAN's industry leading brands make for exciting opportunities not only for touring applications, but for installed audio where spatial audio will play an increasingly important role. We've been pioneering and engineering immersive audio solutions for many years and to be among these HARMAN brands, namely JBL, which developed some of the earliest loudspeakers, is very compelling for our team and for customers.

Gaël Martinet, Founder and CEO of Flux Software Engineering

Closing of the acquisition is anticipated before the end of 2023. For more information on FLUX:, visit flux.audio.

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