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Universal Audio releases Apollo OS 11 and new plugins

Universal Audio

Universal Audio has introduced Apollo OS 11.0 and a couple of new plugins, UAD Sound City Studios, the first plug-in emulation of one of the most famous recording studios in music history, and C‑Suite C‑Max Limiter. Here's what they're saying:

Located in Van Nuys, California, Sound City Studios served as the birthplace for more than 100 gold and platinum records since its opening in 1969, including classic records from Nirvana, Metallica, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, and more.

UA's most complete studio emulation to date, the UAD Sound City Studios plug‑in delivers every aspect of this famous creative space, including its room, mics, analog gear and legendary mixing console. Using the plug‑in, music makers can now record and mix their music in the legendary home of countless hits.

UAD Sound City Studios allows you to quickly dial in sounds by choosing your source, and selecting from presets based on time‑honed room and mic combinations. Using Dynamic Room Modeling technology, move classic condenser and ribbon mics, in realtime, for authenticity far beyond static IR‑based room modeling plug‑ins.

Rock music is alive and well. Sound City is a studio that was crucial to so many records that we all love, and we're thrilled to open its doors to music creators around the world.

Bill Putnam Jr., CEO of Universal Audio.

UAD Sound City Studios ($349)

Key Features:

  • Place your drums, guitars, vocals, and more inside Sound City's famous Studio A.
  • Transform your sources with a collection of vintage, hit-making mics.
  • Sculpt perfect guitar tones with expertly placed cabinet and mic setups.
  • Get the authentic tone of an iconic '70s custom British console, including 3‑band EQ and inline compression, based on the legendary Sound City desk.
  • Smash your tracks with Sound City's collection of analog outboard gear including "secret weapon" Dolby A‑style effects, 1176 limiting, and more.
  • Put your sources in Sound City's lush‑sounding reverb chamber.
  • Available for music creators starting November 14, 2023 – no UA hardware required.

UAD Sound City Studios is joined by the new C‑Suite C‑Max Limiter plug‑in, and various new UAD Bundles – including the UAD Producer Edition, UAD Studio Edition, UAD Signature Edition, UAD Ultimate 12, and UAD Complete 2 in UAD Software v11.

Developed by C‑Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces and UAD hardware, C‑Max gives you ultra‑transparent limiting to extreme maximizing and distortion effects, with three simple controls.

UAD C‑Suite C‑Max Limiter ($349)

Key Features:

  • Deliver transparent, loud masters without artifacts for competitive modern mixes.
  • Add aggression and color with sophisticated dynamic signal processing.
  • Get professional results quickly using realtime spectral display.
  • Explore creative distortion textures on drums, vocals, and more.
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