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Harrison Consoles updates Mixbus and Mixbus32C to v4.1


Harrison Consoles has updated Mixbus and Mixbus32C to version 4.1.

New Features:

  • Template Manger (contributed by open-source developer Johannes Mueller).
  • VCA fader automation.


  • Allow listening to master output during realtime export.
  • Allow selection of automation lanes, so you can paste into them.
  • Add 176.4kHz rate to export dialog.
  • Enable the Non-layered button work for MIDI recording. When a new MIDI region is recorded, it will trim the underlying regions so there is nothing below the new region.
  • Various improvements to "touch" automation.
  • Various improvements to zooming & scrolling in the editor.
  • Improvements to the "Summary" at the bottom of the editor.
  • The "Summary" now operates more like a horizontal conventional scrollbar.
  • When instantiation a Track from a "template", use the template name for the new track; not the name of the original track used to created the template.
  • When plugins are copy/pasted or drag&dropped from one channel to another, retain their order.
  • Make VCA mute+solo buttons bindable to MIDI controllers.
  • Further speed-up the rendering of waveforms by using multiple drawing threads.
  • When creating a snapshot, a copy of every MIDI source file should be created (so a destructive change in one MIDI file doesn't propagate into other snapshots).
  • Prevent the storage of redundant Fader+Trim Automation in session files (reduces size of session files).
  • Don't de-select tracks when the track order changes.
  • The option for adding "at the top", in the Add Track/Bus dialog, didn't work. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with external sync which sometimes caused the playhead to jump back & forth between 2 different positions.
  • Fix fader level operation when channels are grouped together AND attached to a VCA.
  • Allow the New Track dialog to stay open after you add a track, so you can add more tracks & templates.
  • Make "Import" the default action in the Import Dialog (Double clicking on a file or pressing the Return key will now import it, instead of auditioning it). You can still manually audition the file with spacebar, as before.
  • "Cut" buffer should not change the selection. Fixes range mode selection/cut/copy that would previously clear track selection.
  • If actively recording, prevent interaction between mouse and audio clock widget (s) which could stop recording by triggering a "locate".
  • Support note-name editing in MIDI list editor.
  • Loading a read-only Session, then making a copy with "Save As and switch" was not allowing the new Session to be saved, as writable state was not updated. This has been fixed.
  • Right-click on marker, "loop range" was not setting the loop range. This has been fixed.
  • Monitor-section state (show/hide, attached/detached) was not recalled after close/re-open. This has been fixed.
  • Limit clock displays to 30 days (720 hours).
  • When in smart-mode, don't switch to range-mode after "set range selection".
  • Updated German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Czech translations.
  • Several Tempo-mapping & tap-tempo improvements.
  • Control Surfaces:
  • Many, many improvements to OSC remote-control protocol (contributed by Len Ovens).
  • Watch for some cool new tablet control options coming soon.
  • Allow control-surfaces to enable the EQ/Comp when a knob is moved. (in-on-change).
  • Set Display Name for OS X/macOS (fixes EuCon surfaces on OS X 11, 12).
  • MIDI learn on ctrl + middle-click only (not ctrl + other mods + btn2).
  • Allow scripts and surfaces to change a route's Color.
  • MIDI map for Alesis QX25 (Len Ovens).
  • Many Mackie MCU protocol improvements.
  • Many Faderport8 improvements.

MacOS Fixes:

  • When in fullscreen mode, on 10.11 and 10.12, sometimes regions would not update without a zoom or scroll operation to trigger a re-draw. This has been fixed.

Windows Fixes:

  • Some 32-bit .wav files from Zoom recorders (and maybe other sources) would not import successfully. This has been fixed.

Learn more about Mixbus at the Harrison Mixbus web site.

All Mixbus customers should have already received an email with the 4.1 links; if not, please write Harrison's support email at: mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com

YouTube: VCA video



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