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Homegrown Sounds announces Audio Morpher Development for the SideTrack Group Buy

Homegrown Sounds

Audio Morpher is an application designed to make recycled WAVs out of supplied folders of existing WAVs. It uses volume profiles which are similar to envelopes to shape the volume of each source WAV & mixes them together. It's a method of recycling the Samples you already own. It can Cross Fade the generated WAV so it loops seamlessly and the saved file has loop data embedded for Samplers to read.

The profiles can be created by users, they are simple xml files located in the documents folder. Multiple stages are added to define a WAVs volume level and the number of stages defines how many WAVs will be used to create the output. There will eventually be a front end mechanism for creating these files within the App.

It's currently a beta and still under development but fully functional. It is part of the SideTrack Group Buy which includes 14 stages. The group Buy is currently at stage 2 which unlocked a large collection of Sample Collections which are ideal for using with Audio Morpher as well as SideTrack; the Sampler unlocked in stage 1.

Here is a brief video showing how Audio Morpher works:


The Group Buy costs $44.99 to join.



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