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Homegrown Sounds

Homegrown Sounds has updated Succession Pro to 2.1 and announced that the Circular Group Buy has reached 9 products.

Succession Pro has been updated to 2.1 with the following additions:

  • Added Length to the Offsets.

  • All Sequencer knobs and Buttons can now change the value in all 12 pattern simultaneously by holding ALT/OPTION key when clicking them.

  • Fixed bug with Offset lengths not Randomising, updating correctly.

    Added ALT/OPTION Key for setting all Offset Button/Knobs in all Patterns.

  • Added Send to All patterns to the Options Menu for each sequencer.

  • Added Remix Function/Remix All to the options menus. Copies the associated Sequences to all Patterns and creates a sequence by randomizing and duplicating current steps.

  • Added Remix Function/Remix All to the options menus. Copies the associated Sequences to all Patterns and re-arranging the sequence order of the copied versions. There is also a direct Button 'REMIX' to achieve this directly.

Succession Pro is still at an introductory offer for the next week priced at $19.99.

The Circular Group Buy has achieved Level 6 which has now unlocked 9 products. The following have been unlocked so far:

  • Circular - A Synthesizer based on Cycling Waveforms per step including an Advanced Arpeggiator.
  • Mosaic, Magic Thread and ReaniBass - 3 Advanced Loop Mangler Instruments based around a set of Bass Loops which take 3 different approaches to Sequencing.
  • Synthetic and Tessellate - These 2 Instruments take the above sequencing Engines and unites them with Synth Loops created with an Analog Four and DSI Evolver.
  • 3 Bonus product Credits - These are used to exchange 3 products from the back catalogue which includes Kontakt Instruments, VSTis and Synth Presets. Choose from a range of 50+ choices.

The next Level will unlock Succession FM which is a version of Succession Pro which is functionally identical apart from Pro has Offset and an Octave of Triggers. For the oscillators it uses Rompler style/FM Waveforms as well as a bank of Morph Waveforms.

The Circular Group Buy costs $19.99 to join with instant access to all the above instruments. The group Buy ends on March 3rd.



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