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Homegrown Sounds announces SideTrack VST/AU Public Beta & Group Buy

Homegrown Sounds

Homegrown Sounds has announced the Public Beta release of SideTrack, a new VST/AU instrument plugin for macOS and Windows, along with a Group Buy that will be running for the next three months with a mixture of products developed during the group buy as well as some Kontakt Instruments and Samples.


Mod Matrix
Modulation Matrix

SideTrack is a VST/AU Instrument for Windows/Mac. It has 2 sample based Oscillators with drag & drop support for WAVs. The Oscillators support up to 9x Unison, there is a dual filter, Bit Crusher, Saturation and Decimator per voice. It has a large 14 x 48 Modulation Matrix with hardwired connections, an FX Section with Flanger/Chorus, Phaser, Reverb & Delay/Looper. It also has an advanced theme system based on assets and colours.

Each Oscillator has a selection of Play Modes including Poly with cross faded loop, single cycle with PWM, an Oscillator section (Triangle, Saw, Square & Sub with various FM, RM & Sync modes).

Chromatic Split Mode
Chromatic Split Mode

It also has some unique Play Modes such as Chromatic Split, which divides a WAV into x slices and the maps the slices across the keys chromatically. The slices have various volume modes which can shape with Attack/Decay or they can be cross faded into seamless loops. This can make some fascinating instruments depending on the source material.

Sample Chain Mode
Sample Chain Mode

Another mode is Octatrack Sample Chain import or CUE Meta sliced WAVs, these are mapped across the keys either as a Kit or mapped chromatically across the keys with a knob to control the currently playing slice. This can be modulated.

It is available as a Public Beta for the next few releases so people can try it out, there is still work to do on implementing features but it's fully functional.

Group Buy

The Group Buy costs $44.99 to join, as more people join more products are unlocked:

  • Stage 1 - 0:
    • SideTrack - VST3/AU/Standalone Sample Based Synth.
  • Stage 2 - 20:
    • Homegrown Complete - A Large Collection of Samples with many that can just be dropped into SideTrack in poly mode which will use their embedded loop data.
  • Stage 3 - 40:
    • Batch xFader - An Application for Batch generating embedded Loops in WAVs.
  • Stage 4 - 60:
    • Cassetto DnD for Kontakt 6 - A sophisticated Kontakt Instrument with Drag & Drop support.
  • Stage 5 - 80:
    • Morph WAVs - A Selection of Morphed WAVs for use in SideTrack or elsewhere.
  • Stage 6 - 100:
    • Kontakt Sequencer Collection - A Selection of MIDI Sequencers for Kontakt 6.
  • Stage 7 - 150:
    • Morph Application - A new desktop application under development designed for making interesting morphed WAVs from supplied folders of WAVs.
  • Stage 8 - 200:
    • AirWaves for Kontakt 6 - A Kontakt Instrument based around using Radio waves to create Textures.
  • Stage 9 - 250:
    • Drum Kits - A large selection of Drum Kits made with Kit Creator for use in SideTrack & Octatrack.
  • Stage 10 - 300:
    • MIDI Sequencer -VST3/AU/Standalone MIDI Sequencer using probability, conditional statements.
  • Stage 11 - 350:
    • ARP Stream - A sophisticated & experimental MIDI ARP for Kontakt 6.
  • Stage 12 - 400:
    • Circular Collection - A collection of Instruments & Samples from a previous Group Buy.
  • Stage 13 - 450:
    • Grey Matter DnD - A Sequencing Instrument for Kontakt 6 with Sample drag n Drop support.
  • Stage 14 - 500:
    • SideTrack Sequencer - A Sequencer within SideTrack with deep integration.


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