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Homegrown Sounds releases Audio Morpher v0.9

Homegrown Sounds

Homegrown Sounds has announced the release of version 0.9 of Audio Morpher, an application designed to use existing folders of samples to create completely new sample content.

Audio Morpher uses various different methods for producing a wise variety of outputs supporting meta loop points as well as cue Markers and Octatrack Sample Chain export.

The main modes:

  • Re-Sample Only: This mode is for processing files that are already save and simply applies the input/output re-sample options an then saves to a new file in the export folder.
  • Morph profile: This mode uses a Morph Profile which is a total of 8 Volume Shapes similar to an ADSR Envelope. Each shape is applied to a random WAV and the results are then mixed together. The WAV Amount decides how many are used by the next process or RANDOM will use a random number of stages. This mode uses Morph profiles that use 8 volume shapes that can be edited similar to envelopes.
  • Chain Fixed/Variable: This mode is uses an Attack/Decay Envelope to apply to each sample, they are then cross faded at the mid point to produce a morphing chain of WAVs.
  • Chain Hits: This mode mixes up to 4 Audio files per slice to create a unique 'hit' for each slice, think of it as a kit of one shot samples.
  • Cycles Fixed/Variable: This mode grabs small samples defined by the Cycle Size to use as single cycle oscillators, it then uses the size parameter to produces longer tones from them and the morphs these together to create a complex morph. Depending on the mid point setting it can either produce a flowing sound/seamless loop, however with the mid Point set to 0 it will produce stab type sounds suitable for saving as a chain. Setting the Mid Point to 1.0 will bypass the volume shape completely. The Variable version will use a different size for each slice for a non grid based output.
  • Cycle Chain Mode: Anyone who has used sample chains on an Octatrack likely know that you can use each of the slices as a single cycle oscillator and then modulate the Index Id for interesting sequences. This mode is about creating chains for that scenario which Sidetrack also supports. Select the cycle size in samples, generally 512, 1024 etc... the amount of slices to use and that number of WAVs will be loaded and a random cycle pulled from each to create the chain.
  • Ring Modulator Modes: These modes are similar to the Cycle Modes except the first cycle is used as a solid tone for the entire length and the subsequent tones are used to modulate the volume. Above this is using the variable version with Mid point set to 1.0 which disables the volume shaping to produce a selection of tones.
  • RM Chain Mode: This Mode is the same as Cycle Chain, for making sample chains/cue files with single cycle waveforms except it uses Ring Modulation to create the sound.
  • Manual Mode: This mode allows manually building a chain of WAVs/AIF Files, either drop files or use the File Browser to add WAVs, using the top buttons you can remove from the from or back, shift left & right. Beyond being useful for making drum/sample kits for use in SideTrack it also serves as a simple Sample Chain builder for the Elektron Octatrack.

The meta sliced WAVs it can produce are recognised by applications such as Sound Forge and WaveLab, and can also be used to create kits for the various drum samplers that Kit Creator supports.

Here is a video demonstrating some of the modes & features: YouTube/lMSE_lMkTZ0

Audio Morpher costs $49.99 but available at an introductory price of $29.99, but is also included as part of the Sidetrack Group Buy and was unlocked at stage 3. The group buy includes SideTrack VST3/AU Sampler. Audio Morpher is designed to be SideTrack's Kitchen for generating content for use by SideTracks unique playback modes.



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