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Image Line releases vectorial (and bug-fix) updates for many plug-ins

Image Line

Image Line has announced vectorial (and bugfix) updates for the following VST plugins:

  • Autogun.
  • DrumSynth Live.
  • Edison.
  • Gross Beat.
  • Harmless.
  • Harmor.
  • Juice Pack.
  • Maximus.
  • Ogun.
  • Slicex.
  • Sytrus.
  • Vocodex.


  • Vectorial GUI with high DPI support. To change the size of the UI, click Help > Scaling and select your preferred size and then close and re-load the plugin.


  • Don't work on clean Windows 7 installation.
  • Don't report parameter changes to Bitwig.
  • Freeze in Acid Music Studio 10.
  • Incorrect initial pitch bend in Live.
  • Plugins require Administrative privileges to run.
  • Pitch bend doesn't work.
  • Pitch bend range resets to "Host" on load.
  • Autogun: freezes Cubase.
  • Delay 2: Controls labeled incorrectly.
  • DrumSynth Live: Mod wheel only draws half height at 200% scaling.
  • Edison: Doesn't resize along with minihost modular.
  • Edison: Memory leak.
  • Edison: "Scroll to reach playback marker" is active but button is off.
  • Edison & Slicex: Drag and drop file function from Edison/Slicex is not working.
  • Gross Beat: Crashes Studio One with high DPI enabled.
  • Harmor: Doesn't accept dropped images.
  • Juice Pack: Blank GUI.
  • Sytrus: Crash adjusting waveform harmonics.
  • Sytrus: Crash changing FX send while playing notes.
  • Sytrus: Underruns with 32-bit version.
  • Vocodex: Black GUI in Vegas Pro 13.
  • Waveshaper: not showing 'Oversampling' section.

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