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Sonimus releases A-EQ Modular Equalizer Plugin


Sonimus has announced the imminent release of A-EQ, an innovative plugin that combines the essence of famous American studio equipment models into a powerful equalizer and preamp.

With a modular structure, A-EQ empowers you to shape your sound with unmatched flexibility. It was meticulously designed to meet the demands of modern music production while guaranteeing the values and tones of the classic American hardware, whether the user is working in a full-fledged commercial studio or a project studio at home.

A-EQ is a highly ambitious addition to our esteemed A-Series bundle, which also includes the renowned A-Console plugin.

A-EQ features:

  • Modularity - 8 interchangeable modules to shape your sound with flexibility. Limitless results over harmonics and frequency response.
  • 4 Stepped based bands - Faithful to the original 550 model. Instantly achieve the classic tones of the original American hardware.
  • 3 Free continuous bands - Fine and professional curves with freely adjustable values. Most reliable tone shape tool for any audio source.
  • Preamp & filter - 2 saturation options from the 212 Preamp model, going from subtle to aggressive with functionality all across the board. High and Low pass filters truthful to the original 215 filter design.
  • HiQ bell mode - Precise and surgical control over the audio signal. Similar to the original hardware but with a narrower bandwidth for better control.
  • Oversampling - Up to 16X.
  • Scalable UI - Can display at up to 150% for high resolution monitors.


  • Regular price $129 - [Official Release November 1st].
  • Limited Pre-sale price $69 - [October 27th].
  • Limited Early bird price $59 - [October 24th].


Discussion: Active
30 October 2023 at 3:51pm

Another sweet addition to the Sonimus arsenal. As always, lovely, clean interface with responsive, easy to access controls. This plugin will certainly find its way into and onto my tracks. Best of all. .. the sound! Nice work, Sonimus.

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