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JELSTUDIO updates Otto to v20160318 - Now suitable for live and mixing/mastering use


JELSTUDIO has updated Otto to version 20160318.

This update makes Otto suitable for both live and mixing/mastering use by introducing new audio-algorithms and a user-GUI.

Otto normalizes audio automatically while playing, by continuously re-shaping the waveform to its largest possible size, thereby minimizing the amount of unused headroom.


  • Fully automated (some functions can now be controlled by user on the new GUI).
  • Average RMS volume (flat, unweighted) is adjusted to ~ -18 dB FS (can vary with settings).
  • Built in clipper limits peak-output to max -0.1 dB FS.
  • Zero latency (for LIVE use or for tracking).
  • DC offset is removed.
  • Stereo imbalance can be canceled (when stereo-channels are unlinked).
  • Stereo image can be dynamically widened to the maximum mono-safe width (when Mid/Side mode is activated).
  • Waveform asymmetry can be minimized (this is the only mode with latency, about 1/5th of a second or ~8000 samples).
  • Can handle incoming audio-signals that has 'overs' (internally handles signals hotter than 0dB, either real peaks or ISPs).
  • Program-dependent THD+N (~0.01% distortion in Classical-music mode).
  • Program-dependent harmonic-response curves (Flat in Classical-music mode, 'Smiley'-curve in HappyHardcore-music mode).
  • Works on mono and stereo signals.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Fully functional demo is available (briefly cutting sound every minute).

Price: £127 (includes sales-tax and is for all released versions of Otto).



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