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JELSTUDIO releases "AL" (Automatic Perceived-Loudness Normalizer Plug-in)


JELStudio has released AL (AutoLoudness) , an auto-gain plugin used with live-audio to normalize perceived-loudness in real-time.

AL will automatically and continuously adjust audio-gain to maintain a similar overall perceived-loudness of the audio going through it.

Technically it is a Windows 32/64-bit VST2 audio-effect plugin mainly for use in a live VST-host (for example with live stage-performance audio, or with music/TV home-stereo audio), but it can also be used in DAWs and sound/video-editors on Windows.

A few ideas of what AL can be used for: to balance dialog and sound-effects when watching movies, to avoid loud commercials when watching TV-shows, to balance loudness between songs when listening to music. It can also be used on LIVE internet-broadcasts.

Some of AL's key-points:

  • Runaway volume peaks are clipped at -0.1 dB FS.
  • Zero latency (for LIVE use or for tracking).
  • Inspired by "Recommendation ITU-R BS.1864-0" (See manual for more info).
  • Inspired by "Recommendation ITU-R BS.1770-4" (See manual for more info).
  • Can handle incoming audio-signals that has 'overs' (internally handles signals hotter than 0 dB FS, either real peaks or ISPs).
  • Works on mono and stereo signals.
  • GUI layout is optimized for 'peripheral vision overview' (when looking at the center of the GUI; all important displays can be read at a glance with peripheral vision).
  • AL has 18 different methods of adjusting loudness.

Price: £49 / $59 (If you buy/own Otto you get AL for free).



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