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JELSTUDIO releases OttoXMS - Automatic Volume Leveler for Windows


JELSTUDIO has updated their Otto product-line with a special version called OttoXMS, a dynamic amplitude wave-shaper similar in function to dynamic normalizing or automatic gain-staging. OttoXMS automatically and continuously adjusts the volume-level on 4 audio-channels: Mid/Side/Left/Right (the normal Otto only does Left/Right channels).


  • Fully automated (some functions can be controlled by user).
  • Peak volume for each channel is raised or lowered dynamically to ~ -6dBFS.
  • DC offset is reduced (not moved).
  • Waveform asymmetry is reduced (increased loudness).
  • Stereo imbalance is reduced (there is no channel cross-feed).
  • Stereo width is adjusted to maximum width that maintains mono-compatibility.
  • Does not clip audio-signals that has 'overs' (handles signals hotter than 0dB).
  • Works on mono and stereo signals.
  • Zero latency.
  • Harmonic Distortions are lower than -70dBFS.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Fully functional demo is available (briefly cutting sound every minute).

Price: £127 (includes both the normal Otto and OttoXMS plugins)



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