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KarmaFX Synth v0.9 & Reverb v1.0b released (+EQ announced)


A new beta version of KarmaFX Synth is now available (v0.90). KarmaFX Reverb has also been released and KarmaFX Equalizer has been announced. All plug-ins are free/donationware.


  • Added time/position display to multipoint envelope when moving control points.
  • Added step sequencer with adjustable number of steps (1 to 32), individual steptime, offset and slope for each step. Support for tempo change, loop/wrap and snap (when patched into integral controls).
  • Right channel in stereo components could contain un-initialized data. Fixed.
  • Resonance control was flipped for the notch output in SVF Filter. Fixed.
  • Modulating Multipoint Envelope controls glitched the env. display. Fixed.
  • Multipoint Envelope did work correctly in polyphonic mode. Fixed.
  • Using menu separators could screw up the patch menu. Fixed.
  • LFO would sometimes return un-initialized data. Fixed.
  • Modulation scale for large range knobs (e.g. the note and octave knobs) was wrong. Fixed.
  • Zipper noise in distortion unit. Fixed.
  • Squashed more denormal bugs.
  • Added some new patches.

KarmaFX - Reverb v1.0b is a digital stereo reverb featuring:

  • 10 different reverb algorithms.
  • Up to 10 seconds of reverberation time (decay time).
  • Dry out, wet out, pan and signal mixer.
  • Full 4 channel stereo mix.
  • Mono, Stereo or Dual (cascade) mode.
  • Up to 500 ms Pre-delay with adjustable synced feedback.
  • Lowpass and Highpass filter with adjustable frequency (-12dB/oct).
  • Damping adjustment controls internal (comb) filtering.
  • Diffusion adjustment for increasing/decreasing spaciousness.
  • Early reflections adjustment (modeled from real impulse responses).
  • 6 ready made presets.

KarmaFX Equalizer is a digital 31 band graphic equalizer:

  • 31 unique adjustable bands.
  • Fixed center frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Accurate analog simulation of Boost and Cut EQ filters.
  • Fully symmetrical (reciprocal) filter response (+18/-18dB).
  • Adjustable overall gain control.


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