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Kilohearts releases Phase Plant - New Era Synthesis


Kilohearts has announced the release of Phase Plant, their modular hybrid synthesizer. Phase Plant is designed to combine the power and flexibility of Kilohearts' Snapin effects with an array of all-new signal generation and modulation devices.

Phase Plant's single-window interface is divided into Generators, Modulators and Effects panes, into which modules are loaded and layered as required. Generator modules include the Analog and Wavetable oscillators, a high-quality sampler and a noise generator, and are accompanied by multimode filter and distortion units. Audio-rate frequency, phase, and ring modulation are brought into play between Generators, filters and distortion modules, opening up all sorts of extreme sound design possibilities.

The built-in Modulators comprise of an LFO with customisable waveform, an AHDSR envelope with onset delay, a Random/S+H generator, and various MIDI messages and multipliers. The per-voice and global Effects racks, meanwhile, let you integrate Snapins effects modules into Phase Plant's signal path.

Six Snapins are included (Delay, Chorus, 3-Band EQ, Gain, Limiter and Stereo), another five (Compressor, Distortion, Filter, Phaser and Reverb) can be added with the optional kHs Toolbox Starter pack, and over 20 more are available individually or in a range of bundles.


  • Analog oscillator.
  • Wavetable oscillator.
  • Sampler.
  • Advanced noise generation.
  • Phase Modulation, Linear and Exponential Frequency Modulation, and Ring Modulation between generators.
  • Use any number of generators in any order.
  • Any number of LFOs, Envelopes and other modulations.
  • Compatible with all Kilohearts snapin effects.
  • ~300 expertly crafted factory presets.
  • Advanced onboard Wavetable editor.
  • Quick and creative to work with.
  • Grouping, minimizing, and more...

Price: $169 - To get the most out of Phase Plant, Kilohearts recommends that you get it bundled with the Kilohearts Toolbox. Visit the Phase Plant product page for all purchasing options.




Discussion: Active
31 May 2019 at 5:24am

seriously, 142 € upgrade price for users who bought the works bundle a few months ago to get phase plant including two new effects (flanger and ensemble ?

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