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Kilohearts updates all software to v1.8.4


An update to all Kilohearts software is now available and is free for existing owners.

Users can update to v1.8.4 by simply running the Kilohearts installer and clicking 'update'. You can download the installer here.

Change Logs

Phase Plant:

  • Made exported wavetables more compatible with other software.
  • Made wavetable edit commands (cut/copy/delete) default to full wave selection if nothing is selected.
  • Made the Convert Sample wavetable tool not create weird keyframes.
  • Improved the Convert Sample wavetable tool:
    • Added crossfade parameter.
    • Renamed the "None" phase correction mode to "Naive" and made "None" truly not adjust anything.
    • Made the root pitch edit into a draggable parameter display instead of editbox.
    • Made the source position handles draggable.
    • Display source position handles for the focused frame as well.
    • Normalize input automatically.
  • Added Wavetable effects Squarify, Frame Blend and Distortion.
  • Reworked the wavetable display in the wavetable editor to give a better feel for what the waveform looks like.
  • Fixed a problem with wavetable paste inserting data backwards.
  • Moved browser arrows in generators two pixels to the right.

Disperser, Faturator:

  • Fixed a problem with first preset in bank having no name in VST banks.


  • Made it impossible to get to a state where the high threshold is below the low threshold.

kHs ONE:

  • Updated version display.

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