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KVR Developer Challenge 2012KVRDC12: easytoolz "aurelia-filtha" Analog Filter for Windows VST


We are now in the download and voting stage of the KVR Developer Challenge 2012. This news item features an entry called aurelia-filtha by easytoolz. You can download it for free here.

Here's what they say about it:

aurelia-filtha is a Full-stereo-Lowpass-Filter-Plugin with the following specs:

  • Special Low-Pass Filter (known from my easy-muug/Protege Emus.
  • LFO 2 with 6 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse and s/h) with manual.
  • Modulation-time (FREQ) and Depth-potis - Inverter (positive/negative).
  • Targets: LFO 1 - Cutoff - Resonance - off.
  • LFO 1 with 5 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse) Host-Syncron - Disvisor.
  • Inverter and Depth-poti - Target: Cutoff.
  • MIDI CCs are shown at tooltips in brackets.
  • Dry/Wet-poti - 64 Patchslots (only 6 Presets at moment, Sorry for that, please).


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