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easytoolz releases Jubilee-Pack: 5 Plugins for 5€ to celebrate 10 Years


easytoolz is celebrating 10 years in the business by offering a "Jubilee Package" consisting of 5 plug-ins for 5 euros.

The following Windows VST-Plug-ins are included in the package:

  • amphetamine V2.
  • easy-muug XT V3.8.
  • easy-northern light 2X.
  • easy-synsun 01.
  • easy-jupit8r.


Discussion: Active
19 April 2016 at 7:02pm

The EasyToolz 10-year anniversary Jubilee Pack struck me as both a good-value no-brainer and a great way to say thanks to a shop that has created numerous pieces of outright freeware and participated in past KVR Developer Challenges.

For the price of a cup of coffee you get five VSTs that individually sell for more than that. Each has documentation and a complement of presets, and there's some coverage on YouTube if you're seeking a preview. The EasyToolz VSTs all seem to be good performers and CPU spikes are rare.

It's hard to argue with a Roland Jupiter 8, Clavia Nord Lead or Minimoog emulation, even if you have other incarnations, and these are fun. In my experience, while the individual synths are useful on their own, they make wonderful layering fodder, using a system such as Blue Cat's PatchWork or even separate tracks in your DAW to trigger them simultaneously and associate different effects on each.

I'm also enjoying the six oscillator analog synth Amphetamine Version 2. The presets are good in their own right, and serve as a great springboard for further exploration. Nice tip-of-the-hat to the late great Keith Emerson in the presets here as well.

Using the Jubilee Pack is a marvelous introduction, and I think there's great mileage to be had in visiting the EasyToolz website and exploring their freeware offerings. There you'll find both a drawbar and a pipe organ, a Crumar Multiman S emulation, a Casiotone VL 1 emulation, and much more. Even the humble, single-purpose oboe VST shows remarkable life when layered with "Mr. Stringer's" Aldebaran patch.

These are 32-bit, Windows-only creations, and several mention being created with SynthEdit, so that may limit those folks who struggle with bridging or don't work on the Windows platform. But if you regularly succeed with such tools, there's plenty of reason to check these out-- they're clearly created with a lot of love, and the PDFs often mention the community of friends and beta testers (including KVR folks). Many feature banks submitted by the community as well, and these versions are the full ones that EasyToolz offers.

Thanks to Team EasyToolz for a reminder of the quality, flexibility and fun of their past work. I'm not sure how long the Jubilee Pack offer will last, so you might want to hop on it sooner rather than later.

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