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Liqube Audio has updated Resonic, an audio player and sample manager for Windows, to version 0.8b.

This major update brings several fixes and improvements, e.g. an issue that might have reduced mouse wheel functionality for multi-monitor users, as well as updated support for user-provided Soundfonts for MIDI playback.

WASAPI support is now stable enough to be the recommended output system, i.e. when you pick your soundcard in the preferences dialog make sure you try WASAPI first. Use DirectSound (DS) as a last resort only, or when your soundcard requires it.

For the Pro version this release introduces experimental ASIO support.


  • Please note that the 'Play count' and 'Rating' columns currently reflect the metadata that is currently stored in the files that you play. Neither information can be changed, or is updated, for the time being. Meta editing will be introduced in a later version.
  • Tools like 'StrokeIt' might cause problems with Resonic popup menu or control behavior, e.g. require two clicks to open a menu, or focus loss with certain elements. This is most likely caused by the way these tools hook into Windows' mouse handling. In this case make sure you add Resonic to the tool's exception list.
  • Meta/waveform data is currently still only partially cached, i.e. after Resonic starts scans will always restart from the beginning. Full disk caching is coming in the next release.
  • Update check has been improved and is reenabled in this release.
  • You will have to set up your file list columns from scratch in this build.

New features:

  • Pro: Experimental ASIO support. Currently limited to stereo output, i.e. the first two outputs are used. More features and options are planned. Please report any bugs you may find.
  • Full support for ID3v2 tags embedded in AIFF (.aif .aiff) and Wave files (.wav).
  • Reduced CPU use and power consumption when the monitor or display is switched off (e.g. through Windows' power management) with the Resonic window open. Graphics rendering (waveform, analyzer, and other heavy elements) is partially stopped until the monitor or display is switched on again.
  • Remembering last selected page in configuration dialog.
  • Displaying current output driver (DS/WASAPI/ASIO) in lower right corner, which can be clicked to open soundcard settings.
  • Option to automatically run sleep timer on startup with the last-set duration. Click 'zZz' icon in status bar to access this feature.
  • Options to automatically start the sleep timer when the lid (e.g. on laptops) is closed and to abort the sleep timer when the lid is opened. Please note that the lid close option only works if the 'Lid close action' in your current Windows power profile is set to 'Do nothing' (see 'Control Panel' -> 'Power Options' -> 'Edit Plan Settings' -> 'Change advanced power settings' -> 'Power buttons and lid' -> 'Lid close action'), otherwise your system will sleep the moment you close the lid. (#1029).
  • Resonic now periodically reports its activity to the Windows power management and makes sure that the system does not go to sleep unexpectedly while playback is still running. Note that this feature intentionally does not affect monitor/display power saving.
  • New file list column 'Recording Year' ('Year') which maps to standard year and recording year meta tags.
  • New file list column 'Parent folder', i.e. the name of the folder that contains the current item.
  • New file list colum 'Path', i.e. the full path of the folder that contains the current item.
  • New file list columns 'Subtitle', 'Original title', 'Original album', 'Lyricist', 'Original lyricist', and 'Set/disc subtitle'. These columns are associated with various types of meta data in files, e.g. ID3v2, WMA, APE, MP4, iTunes, etc.
  • Pro: New file list column 'Software', i.e. the software that was used to create a file.
  • File list columns are now grouped into categories in the file list header popup for immproved usability (right click any column header to see it.) A check mark next to the menu item indicates that a column is currently visible, or a category contains a column that is currently visible. Please note that many categories and columns of the Pro version are not available in the Player version and appear grayed out.
  • Added support for common sound banks. If you want Soundfont files to be available to both Resonic Player and Pro and Beta put them in the 'Documents\Resonic\Common\Sound Banks' folder.
  • Rescan your Soundfont files and update the sound banks list without having to restart the program, and open the sound bank folders (see 'Menu | Sound Banks').
  • Active (used-selected) Soundfont is remembered and restored on startup. While the Soundfont file is absent Resonic will default to its factory sound bank, but when it is available again it will be reloaded on the next startup, which is useful when Soundfonts are stored on an external drive (see 'Menu | Sound Banks').
  • Menu item for active Soundfont is now checked (see 'Menu | Sound Banks').
  • Tall popup menus that don't fit on the screen can now be scrolled via mouse wheel, or with the help of up and down buttons.
  • You can now middle-click the visualization button (right of volume bar) to go back to the waveform view.
  • Added 'Refresh this folder' to browser context menu, which rescans a single folder in order to reflect potential file system changes that do not show up automatically.


  • Improved rename and background monitoring in folder browser.
  • Hiding portable devices (MTP/WPD) from browser view for the time being because their data cannot be accessed properly at the moment.
  • Changed window restore/minimize/maximize behavior/speed, and added multi-monitor handling. Please report any issues.
  • Right-click on header filename now toggles popup menu.
  • File list row height is now affected by Windows UI scale, e.g. on Windows 10 tablets.
  • Improved startup restore of last play state (playing/paused/stopped) for both DirectSound (DS) and WASAPI drivers.
  • Refresh file list (F5) now works for recursively scanned folders.
  • Faster restoration of last-played folder in browser, improving overall start-up speed because not all parent folders have to be scanned. Only the last active folder is initially shown.
  • Improved usability in custom message boxes (arrow keys, shortcuts).
  • Opus decoder updated to libOpus 1.1.3.
  • Improved sleep timer menu ('zZz' button).
  • Reduced troll-like annoyance level of 'Auto-fit columns' message.
  • Moved 'Sound Banks' menu from 'Menu | Playback' to its own item in 'Menu' for quick access.
  • Reworked file list column system and default widths for each column. If for whatever reason your existing column layout looks weird right click the column header, select 'Restore defaults', and set up your columns again.
  • Improved comment column display for tracker music files.
  • Improved taskbar control buttons (next to thumbnail) to be more visible (#1037).
  • Pro: Cue button menu opens faster and can be closed with a subsequent click.
  • Pro: Volume presets in dBFS scale in volume bar context menu.
  • Pro: More visible channel center line.
  • Pro: Improved behavior of pitch buttons (semitones/cents). You can use your mouse wheel on the buttons, you can click & drag them up and down and even pick up existing values when doing so. Reset now triggers when you click it and release the mouse button. An alternate way to reset the pitch is to CTRL-click them.
  • Splash screen now always opens on the last-used display on multi-monitor systems, and also fades out faster.
  • Resonic now shows 'Portable' in the titlebar if it's running in portable mode.
  • Light and Dark (Pro) theme color tweaks.
  • Portable version can now be run from network shares.


  • Fixed mouse wheel failing most of its functionality on multi-monitor systems when Resonic was being run on a screen left to the main screen. This issue resulted in the malfunctioning of important usability features like no-click scrolling on both browser and file list, application-wide volume changing (e.g. on waveform), using the wheel on pitch buttons (Pro), etc.
  • Fixed several visual glitches.
  • Fixed scroll issue on USB device connect/disconnect in browser view.
  • Fixed Twitter link.
  • Header filename disappeared when trying to play an unplayable file.
  • Pro: Fixed origin time column always visible by default.
  • Fixed no sound being heard when playing MIDI files after audio device has been changed.
  • Fixed user-provided Soundfonts not being found. Please put Soundfont files (.sf2, .sf2pack) in the appropriate 'Sound Banks' folder in your version's 'Documents\Resonic' folder.
  • Popup menus no longer crossing over screen boundaries.
  • Resonic might crash trying to scan certain folders or files that are not scannable.
  • Fixed occasional problems related to saving/restoring columns.
  • Fixed double-click on column splitter not automatically resizing the remaining columns when 'Auto-fit to width, if possible' is active.
  • Waveform shape selection was a bit weird.




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