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TSC updates Tracktion to v6.1.4

Tracktion Software

TSC has updated Tracktion 6 for Mac OS X and Windows to v6.1.4.

Changes in 6.1.4:

  • Fix for rendering Step Clips to MIDI clips insertion point.
  • Ensured input device aliases update immediately.
  • Ensured track property panel titles update with name changes.

Changes in 6.1.3:

  • Fix for graphical artefacts in the plugin selector tree when using custom colour schemes.
  • Fix for step clip note entry when velocity/gate has been dragged to 0.
  • New feature: Audio file previews from the search panel now play in sync with the Edit.

Changes in 6.1.2:

  • Fixed a crash when removing pitch changes.
  • Fix for marker clips not retaining their Number property.
  • Fixed a problem with the jump to marker feature.
  • Fixed a problem removing tracks tags.
  • Fix for MIDI keyboard note not updating during note drags.
  • Ensured visible tracks update when changing tags.
  • Ensured only audio tags are shown in the audio file tag editor.
  • Fixed small issue with search panel audio file 'Open folder containing' option.
  • Fixed a crash when setting multiple marker clip IDs.
  • Fix for clip popup menu being dismissed early.
  • Added an option to not move the transport position when dragging files by holding the alt key.
  • Improved solo/mute behaviour for tracks that are part of a submix.
  • Fix for glitches when an Insert plugin is used with master plugins present.

Changes in 6.1.1:

  • Fix for the Root Note property not correctly taking effect with certain looped clips.
  • Fix for old Edits not loading some tracks correctly.
  • Fix for search panel preview not updating for some types of item.
  • Fixed a crash loading Edits with certain plugins in racks.
  • Fix for auto-crossfades not updating correctly with tempo changes or redo actions.
  • Added advanced options to Elastique Pro time stretching.


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