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TSC updates Tracktion to v4.5.2

Tracktion Software

TSC has updated Tracktion to v4.5.2.

Recent Changes include:


  • fixed a problem in opening non-English T2 projects on Windows.


  • fix for dragging projects between folders in the project list.
  • improved MIDI piano roll responsiveness.
  • added MIDI piano roll note velocity previewing.
  • avoided selecting filters when only dragging them around.
  • saved automation read state in the edit.
  • fixed automation reading issue when rendering with certain transport positions.
  • fixed input device not muting with e-to-e enabled.
  • fixed pitch shifter plugin latency when no shift is applied.
  • Arabic & CJK language font support fix.
  • Fixed crashes when importing audio from a CD.
  • Changed MIDI note's edge dragging threshold to a consistent and sensible distance.
  • Added cmd (Mac)/ctrl (Win+Linux) and drag of a MIDI note's left-edge to change its length.


  • workaround for some buggy Slate plugins.


  • increased maximum length for edit names.
  • ensured that playback-in-stop is enabled by default in new edits.
  • added some extra anti-denormalisation CPU flags.
  • fixes for a few minor graphical issues.
  • avoided some situations where the projects list would not be reloaded when restarting.
  • fix for level meters sticking.


  • fix for clips not responding when dragged vertically.
  • fix for description of multi-selected objects.
  • plugin scan fixes.


  • auto-downloading of translation files from the website language wiki.
  • fix for a crash when reading some mono wav files.
  • fixed a plugin scanning issue.


  • fix for recording sync + pre-roll click.
  • fix for some broken key shortcuts.
  • fix for Waves 5 plugins on Windows.


  • fixed a bug where plugins wouldn't sync to host tempo.
  • avoided unresponsiveness when dragging clips in large edits.
  • replaced the "e-to-e" button on the transport control with "Click". The old "e-to-e" has.
  • moved onto the options menu, and renamed "Run audio engine when stopped".
  • fix for big input level meter rendering when scrolling.


  • enabled multi-CPU rendering.


  • Linux file-chooser fix.
  • fix for some Windows touchscreen problems.
  • extra logging for LAME debugging.
  • disabled input device end-to-ending by default.


  • fix for some European Linux systems getting stuck without names on the project page.
  • fixed plugin scan on Windows.
  • fixed file previewing in separate windows (e.g. sampler).
  • fixed track inputs not correctly updating when changed from the pop-up menu.
  • fixed a crash when rendering MIDI only plugins.
  • improvements to Windows graphics on high-DPI devices.


  • fixed preview volume and click-track bugs.
  • fixed some Linux problems saving volume and filter settings in non-English locales.
  • fix for Linux not staying registered on some file systems.


  • Internationalisation work.
  • Improved file browser menu.
  • More plugin scanning tweaks.
  • Fixes for various plugin compatibility problems.
  • Rack filter fix.


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