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MeldaProduction updates MDrummer to v4.02 (incl. Mac 64-bit)


MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer to version 4.02.


  • Added MDynamicEq effect.
  • MDrummer is now Mac64 compatible.
  • Added a "listen to frequency" feature to all parametric equalizers.
  • Improved GUI behaviour, especially on Apple.
  • MAnalyzer now shows frequency, level and note next to the cursor.
  • Analyzers in equalizers can now process input signal instead of the output.
  • Auto-listen to frequency by clicking in the editor field is now enabled only when holding shift or when main auto-listen is enabled.
  • Double-clicking in a parametric equalizer view creates a new band (by moving and enabling any of the disabled bands).
  • Displaying band parameters from band list instead of clicking it using right mouse button shows the window non-modally - it won't be closed when you click elsewhere.
  • Parametric equalizers now allow to copy & paste all band parameters to the clipboard.
  • Added sample & hold distortion for MDistortion.
  • Analyzers & sonograms now work only if the plug-in window is open to save CPU.
  • Added keyboard shortcut "B" for tap tempo.
  • All textual edits of time are now in milliseconds to avoid numbers like 0.001.
  • Fix: Smoothness didn't work correctly upon start-up in many plug-ins containing an analyser.
  • Fix: MFreeformAnalogEq didn't correctly show equalization curve when range has changed.
  • Fix: Load multiple loops were failing for some directories.
  • Fix: Delay control in MSample and MMultiSampler didn't work correctly with different sampling rates.


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