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MeldaProduction releases v15 - 112 Plug-ins



MeldaProduction has announced the release of v15 of all 112 MP plug-ins, a free update for every user, saying:

Based on our research and user demands, the new update brings almost 90 improvements and fixes since the last released version.

In MeldaProduction, we provide free-for-life updates for all of our products. This means that you will never need to pay to upgrade our software.

We improved the stability and the compatibility of our plugins as well as their communication with your account. Online activation and checking for updates is now a piece of cake. Although we still have in mind those who love to stay offline.

But obviously, the most remarkable changes are in plugins' design. Over 35 plugins gained intuitive and inspiring graphic design to improve your workflow. Also, 2-display setups and HDPi support has been improved.

Vojtech "Melda" Meluzin introduces the 15th version of MeldaProduction plugins suite

Changes in v15:

  • Added easy screens to most plugins with easy screen devices.
  • Added Transient feature to dynamic equalizers, which lets the bands react not only to the level, but also transients, or both.
  • Improved MSuperLooper workflow by adding access to all loops in each track. Added hidden parameters to toggle play, reverse, immediate clear, and switch between loops of selected track.
  • Right click now provides more common menu with ability to get default value, MIDI learn etc. and smoothly integrates with VST3 DAWs. For default value without menu please hold ctrl when right-clicking.
  • MLoudnessAnalyzer batch processing now displays not only requested gain, but also original integrated loudness.
  • Added "Single shot" option to MTurboFilter.
  • Added status line for the algorithm in MTurboReverb and MTurboFilter, useful when programming the algorithm.
  • LP/HP filter frequencies are now available in the EQ editor title as parameters, so that the frequencies can be set accurately.
  • Plugins now support multimonitor setups with different DPIs between monitors.
  • Added Serial crossover to all multiband plugins.
  • Added "Neon JP" style, which supports Japanese characters.
  • Added "Silence when busy" advanced option into the Settings.
  • Added ability to disallow MXXX devices with a flag by ctrl/cmd + clicking on it. Also, Shift + click on any flag disables all flags in the category.
  • Added Pitch to MCabinet.
  • Added bass & treble decay to MCabinet wideners.
  • Added "Enable bank & program change for the categorizer" option (default on) to plugins with categorized devices, which let you switch between the devices and their presets using bank select and program change MIDI messages.
  • XY pads with "XY-pad between banks" flag can now use 3 banks or more. For 4 banks a classic XY pad is created, for other number of banks a new circular pad is used.
  • Global bypass is now available as a parameter accessible via multiparameter for example.
  • Added "Silence when REALTIME" and "Silence when OFFLINE" switches to MUtility.
  • Modular plugins now use horizontal scrollbars to make sure everything fits inside them even when nesting modulars inside modulars etc.
  • Crossover Disabled renamed to Parallel to avoid confusion.
  • Added "Emit pitch-bend" feature to MTuner.
  • Added "Advanced" switch to multiparameters allowing to create 2 easy screen GUIs - Basic and Advanced.
  • Upsampling renamed to more appropriate Oversampling and is now available as a target for multiparameters.
  • Added IR button for exporting impulse responses to MXXX.
  • Added "Auto-gain" feature to MDrumReplacer.
  • It is now possible to drop files into ConvolutionBank's list.
  • Added StompBox module to MXXX.
  • Many improvements in custom GUI editor for devices.
  • Various GUI, performance and stability improvements.
  • Installer has been optimized.
  • MTurboReverb's Saturation module now performs -1.5dB output gain to avoid feedback cumulation.
  • Added multiple options for filename postfix to MRecorder.
  • Added Invert to MDrumReplacer (both global and per-layer).
  • MXXX and MSuperLooper now provide 128 MIDI controllers and note controllers, parameters of the 32 first can be attached to modulation/multiparameters.
  • Added "Store" and "Store in presets" option to multiparameters, useful when designing devices.
  • MCabinet Analyse IR feature doesn't close the window anymore allowing to easily browse multiple IRs.
  • MIDI thru option has been added to Settings.
  • Plugins now regularly check for updates and potential quick tutorials (to be made).
  • Holding ctrl/cmd while double clicking a popup title will smaller it to the minimum possible size.
  • Invert parameter of all oscillators is now available as target for modulators/multiparameters.
  • Added TempoTap feature to MMetronome.
  • Added MXXX6in6out version, usefull only for DAWs supporting effects with more than 2 inputs and outputs.
  • Plugins now preset parameter names to the DAW starting with the name followed by the group, to ensure it will be displayed better in limited size automation lanes for example.
  • Map feature now detects duplicites (a parameter being modified by multiple subsystems, such as multiparameters and modulators), which are typical sources for incorrect device behaviour.
  • Improved touch-screen support.
  • MSpectralDynamics' capture feature is now available via multiparameters.
  • Added "Side-chain listen" feature to MAGC.
  • LU meters now let you select Target via right click menu. Especially useful for limiters.
  • Added ability to display both Easy and Edit screens at the same time by ctrl + clicking the Edit button.
  • Band list in parametric equalizers is now layouted vertically for better workflow.
  • Improved activation & subscription workflow.
  • Added more groups to MAutoAlign.
  • FreqShifter improved to allow extremely quick shift modulation and avoid clicks when crossing 0Hz.
  • It is now possible to drop IR files to MCabinet graph and dedicated buttons in the profile mixer.
  • Added "Recording stops at main loop" option to MSuperLooper.
  • Added support for VST3 AI knob (only main plugin window, AI knob cannot support popup windows).
  • Right-clicking a parameter attached to a subsystem (multiparameter/mod/MIDI) lets you display the subsystem's editor.
  • Added virtual folders to the root of all directory trees allowing easier access to user, desktop etc. and solving macOS's problem with inaccessible /Users.
  • Added icons for folders and files in all file and folder browsers.
  • Fix: Modulating saturation in equalizers could produce zipper noise.
  • Fix: Bathroom device in MTurboReverb was causing infinite feedback in some models.
  • Fix: TurboReverb module wasn't available in MXXX/MSuperLooper even when a bundle licence was available.
  • Fix: Double clicking a "Load source" file in automatic equalizers would setup the EQ even if target wasn't analyzed yet.
  • Fix: MCabinet profile mixer could cause temporary problems when changing parameters and visualisation didn't work properly.
  • Fix: Import WAV in MCabinet was causing crashes.
  • Fix: "Test tone" didn't work when sleep on silence was active in MConvolutionMB.
  • Fix: Displaying tabs as popups could lead to various problems with windows positioning and crashes.
  • Fix: "Automatic sleep on silence" could cause trouble in some specific percussive cases.
  • Fix: MBassador could cause high level bursts in some extreme cases using the "Range to 20kHz" mode.
  • Fix: Learning multiple module Enable states in a modular systems might have not worked, learning would stop after the first one.
  • Fix: ConvolutionBank module selection via an MP didn't work.
  • Fix: MXXX6out could mix all output channels to 1 if a module with latency has been used.
  • Fix: Installer installed hidden alpha plugins after using "Select all" and didn't mark version in Windows system.
  • Fix: "Show/Hide all" may have not update the display in some tabs in MMultiAnalyzer.
  • Fix: "Meter In dB" modular parameter for metering didn't work.
  • Fix: Plugins could crash in plugin benchmark and some other circumstances if VST2 interface was used with surround enabled.
  • Fix: Multiparameters ignored transformation shapes per parameter in banks mode.
  • Fix: MCompare sync didn't work in some cases.
  • Fix: MCompressor stopped working with threshold at 0dBFS.
  • Fix: Some equalizers produces zipper noise when a was being moved while having soft saturation enabled.
  • Fix: MSuperLooper may have not played imported loops.
  • Fix: Windows installer may have not installed user data when executed on nonadmin account.
  • Fix: Copy/paste and presets for MTurboReverb's ERs didn't work properly.
  • Fix: Crossover module in MTurboReverb may have malfunctined.
  • Fix: MSuperLooper could fail to crossfade if overdubbing started/ended while already playing something.
  • Fix: Downloader could fail installing MDrummer packs for paths with mixed / and \ characters.
  • Fix: Per-band mute didn't work for multiband plugins if they had just a single band.
  • Fix: Multiple MTurboReverb fixes for extreme cases.
  • Fix: MMetronome didn't work correctly for other signatures than x/4.
  • Fix: MIDI thru wasn't saved with default settings in some plugins.
  • Fix: Prefiltering option in Integrated loudness meters didn't have any effect.
  • Fix: Settings the crossover mode to Serial would cause a crash in some plugins.

Update/Try Now at meldaproduction.com/downloads

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