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MeldaProduction updates 112 plug-ins to v15.02


MeldaProduction has published an important update for all 112 MP plugins.

Version 15.02 brings major memory and loading speed optimizations and a great number of other improvements and fixes (see all here). The update concerns all plugins but there are some that are even more visible. Get the new version here.

New instruments and devices

MSoundFactory and MSoundFactoryLE users get three new instruments: Trailer hits, Space pad factory and Heart Beat. You can check them out in the following video

MTurboDelay's devices collection has grown with the new update. Its users can now get Oktafon for free - an 8-voice multi-tap delay.

Also, MCabinet's number of the included cabs has grown.

15.02 changes

  • MSoundFactory: Added new instruments: Trailer hits, Space pad factory, Heart beat.
  • MCabinet: Added new cabinets: Excelsior small, Excelsior huge.
  • MTurboDelay: Added new device Oktafon.
  • Major memory and loading speed optimizations.
  • MSoundFactory: MDrummer: Complete MSoundFactory Sampler and MDrummer MultiSampler remake for major preformance improvement especially for preloading and streaming.
  • MDrummer: Added ability to do cymbal chokes using new "Ride cymbal choke 1/2", "Crash cymbal choke 1/2" and "Splash cymbal choke 1/2" drum types. MDrummer also recognizes aftertouch messages for the choking.
  • MSoundFactory: Sampler now provides sample view in multiple modes, e.g. spectrum view.
  • MSoundFactory: Added "Automatic sample end" and "Automatic finetune" features to Sampler's region menu.
  • MSoundFactory: Added "Remove decay noises" restoration feature to Sampler's region & sample menu.
  • MSoundFactory: Sample cutter and other advanced sampler subsystems improved in quality and performance.
  • Added sonogram to various audio file view (samplers, convolution..).
  • Improved default sonogram colors.
  • Improved searching for missing files.
  • Added "Sort banks by name" to multiparameter Bank mode features.
  • Added zooming in individual axes in graph editors using mouse wheel with cursor over that axis.
  • MSoundFactory: MSoundFactoryPlayer now lets you audition the factory instruments with occasional noise.
  • Tablet mode returned for sake of problematic tablets.
  • Custom GUI buttons can now generate MIDI notes to create drum triggers for example.
  • Added MIDI channel & note range to Envelope mode in modulators.
  • Added Infinite mode to Integrator module.
  • MSoundFactory: Added wavetable and wave export to Wavetable module.
  • Added selection using rectangle dragging to all equalizers.
  • Added "Each target different" option to Random mode of all global modulators.
  • MSoundFactory: Added "Custom run" option to per-voice envelopes.
  • MSoundFactory: Added "Level on trigger" parameter to per-voice envelopes.
  • MSoundFactory: Added per-voice modulation source "Time".
  • MSoundFactory: Added "Last (same key) " voice to kill mode.
  • Position and size of controls can now be set from Custom GUI designer's item window.
  • MAutoDynamicEq: Added hidden parameters to MAutoDynamicEq, allowing you to trigger analysis / automatic equalization using MIDI for example.
  • MConvolutionMB: MConvolutionMB audio view now displayes the audio after envelope (level, lp, hp) processing.
  • MAutoStereoFix: Added WAV+ button to the toolbar, which lets you batch process files, but unlike normal WAV button it also performs analysis on each of them.
  • MOscilloscope: MOscilloscope's scope now displays frequency, note and cents.
  • Added Shift to all parametric equalizers (including plugins featuring a parametric equalizer) allowing you to pitch shift the EQ curve.
  • Scrollable panes will now only accept mouse wheel when holding Alt (or potentially other keys) to provide a safer and cleaner workflow.
  • MSoundFactory: Added "Gate no sustain" per-voice modulation source and "Ignore sustain" option to envelopes.
  • MSoundFactory: Added support for sostenuto pedal.
  • MSoundFactory: Envelopes can now be triggered only if sustain is pressed/released/semi.
  • MSoundFactory: Added ability to trigger submodules in FX section by CC on/off (along with existing sustain on/off).
  • MSoundFactory: Added "Key shift" to Sampler's region selection.
  • MSuperLooper: Added "Prev/next cycle" option to MSuperLooper.
  • Added "Disable when bypassed" option to modular systems. Note that this option is somewhat dangerous, so please check the information about it.
  • IR export (in plugins with this feature) now produces 24-bit WAV files if the maximum is in range -40dB to 0dB to improve compatibility with HW processors.
  • Added "Controls MPs" option to multiparameters. Useful in more complex device design.
  • MSoundFactory: Added more options for "Max voices".
  • MDrummer: Added "Follow pitchbend/volume/panorama" options to MDrummer's global settings.
  • Added "Single shot" option to most MIDI reset processors.
  • Added prev/next device arrows to device selectors.
  • Improved MPE support by sending sustain to all channels.
  • "Enable MIDI program change" to solve problems with DAWs/controllers sending program changes for no reason.
  • Changed multiparameter list on edit screen for easier workflow.
  • MDrummer: Added "Copy loopbox to all others" feature to MDrummer's advanced settings in Rhythm editor.
  • Improved downloader.
  • Various improvements and fixes.
  • Fix: Notes with velocity 1 were ignored by VST3 plugins.
  • Fix: Multiparameters with "By bank name interpolated" value mode couldn't parse text values when the values were not ascending.
  • Fix: MSoundFactory: Wavetable module crashed if waves were dropped onto an oscillator and the number of them was higher than the current number of waves.
  • Fix: MRecorder: Drag & drop button for the recorded file didn't work.
  • Fix: Online activation could fail with odd characters in the email address.
  • Fix: MSoundFactory: Sampler's find missing files destroyed the loop and range of the sample settings.
  • Fix: VST3 native parameter menu didn't contain all items.
  • Fix: MSuperLooper: MSuperLooper could crash when recording has started on macOS with M1.
  • Fix: MConvolutionMB: MConvolutionMB could crash when browsing between files some of which could take long to load and the others are corrupt.
  • Fix: MSoundFactory: Velocity shape only affected volume, not the actual velocity used elsewhere (e.g. sample selection).
  • Fix: MAGC: MAGC didn't keep the gain when "Set output gain" was enabled after reloading.
  • Fix: MSoundFactory: "Velocity off" controller didn't work.
  • Fix: ARP MIDI output could be inaccurate in timing for big audio buffer sizes in some cases.
  • Fix: Using some advanced graph editing features on oscillator custom shapes may have not updated the audio processing.
  • Fix: Using frequency modulation in MSynthesizer4NN could cause problems.
  • Fix: MAutoPitch: MAutoPitch could produce silence until a pitch has been detected.
  • Fix: MSoundFactory: Per-voice Order ignored bypass and enable for modules.
  • Fix: Integrated loudness meters provided incorrect results after measuring more than 1 hour of audio.
  • Fix: MDrummer: Switching between MDrummer multisampled drumsets could cause crashes on macOS.

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