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Mercuriall Audio updates Euphoria to v1.1

Mercuriall Audio Software

Mercuriall Audio has updated Euphoria to version 1.1. Version 1.1 brings two important new modules: a Graphic and Parametric equalizers, giving Euphoria owners even more control over the tone.

The Graphic EQ, which has been modeled using analogue RLC filters, is located before the amplifier. With this EQ, you can sculpt the tone before it hits the preamp by cutting or boosting 9 fixed frequencies. An overall "Gain" slider can be used to drive the amp input and get even more tone-shaping capabilities.

A studio-grade Parametric EQ with 8 bands is located after the amplifier. With it, you can nail down the final tone. Use the built-in analyzer to identify frequency build-ups, extended lows that clutter the tone or other areas that need attention. Then use the low/high cut, low/high shelf and bell parameters to fine tune the tone. Expand the EQ window to see even the smallest details.

With this free update Euphoria gets closer to a full, self-sufficient guitar amp sim suite designed for artists worldwide.

Release notes:

  • Added: Graphic EQ module.
  • Added: Parametric EQ module.
  • Added: Marco Sfogli presets.
  • Updated: some factory presets.
  • Improved: CPU multi-threading processing priority increased, improving the real-time performance of the plugin.


  • $99.99 - standard.
  • $79.99 - permanent special price for existing customers (Spark/ReAxis/U530/SS-11X owners).
  • $89.99 - special price for new customers until further notice.


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