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Modwheel releases Roundwound for Kontakt with an intro price of $69


Modwheel has released Roundwound, a Kontakt Instrument for "anyone who wants to explore the outer realms of where an electric guitar can take you".

Roundwound is a 10 GB Kontakt library, 64 patches of textural, cinematic guitar performed by young New Zealand guitar aficionado Hugo Butler, with Modwheel's own Steve Roche.

David Donaldson:

During the second half of 2022 we were joined by guitarist Hugo Butler who has an interesting approach to guitar textures and so utilizing his talents we spent a week or so experimenting and recording what was to become Roundwound, sort of a companion collection to our earlier release Feedback. As with most of our libraries we never quite know what we are making until we get well into the process. With a lot of experimentation we try to find the best way of presenting the material in eminently playable Instruments that allow maximum creative freedom for the user.

All 64 patches that make up the library have three separate mic positions (close, mid and far) with each mic having separate controls, including pitching up or down an octave, giving even more sound manipulation options.

The library is broken into 6 folders of patches:

  • Pads – long single note guitar (many over a minute long) with the layers giving more intensity when needed via the mod wheel.
  • Textures – much grainier material with the same concept as pad.
  • Two Guitars – Steve and Hugo playing together. It's all about the interaction and subtle blending of different amps and guitars and their reaction within the huge space the Stella Maris chapel offers.
  • Leads – all sorts of guitars suited for use as lead instruments: distorted, slide, clean, bass. The leads also feature monophonic options with legato and glide.
  • Bowed – 2 octaves recorded chromatically with three different guitars. Patches allow separate performances or all three layered with crossfade options.
  • Misfits – a treasure chest of inspiration. Guitar recorded chromatically, played through a Leslie cabinet. The mod wheel gives control of Leslie speed up or slow down. Other patches include Pitch Bends (with control of the bend via mod wheel) Harmonics played rhythmically. The related rhythmic patterns can be retuned to any key. Glonks – short sounds with arpeggiator for rhythmic patterns. Plus Retro and Short Event patches.

Other Features include:

  • Pulse Step-mod - uses volume to create repeating patterns.
  • Scatter Box - and experimental convolution IR effects rack.

Library format and contents:

  • Audio recording format: stereo, 48 kHz / 24-bit.
  • Size of recorded sample pool: ca. 10.07 GB ncw compressed.
  • File format of samples: 2174 samples .ncw/lossless compression format.
  • File format of instruments: .nki (built with Kontakt** v. 6.7.1).
  • Roundwound requires a full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or above.

Intro Price: $69 USD (Reg. $99).



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