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nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.2

Chris Nash

nashNET has released version 1.2 of reViSiT Pro, featuring a number of new features that will, among other things, give you greater control of time. The Pro version is still available for free as part of the reViSiT Experiment.

High Definition Editing ("Pattern Zoom" / subrow editing): Now, you can edit your music beyond the level of the pattern row - placing note, volume or panning entries and effects on the tracker frames, between the rows. Using the pattern resolution (Axx effect), you can vary the number of frames and subrows for each row, dividing it into up to 32 discrete slices (A20). Holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse wheel, you can vary the level of zoom, to show the subrows for the current row, and those around it. And, by default, the zoom mode switch (Ctrl-#) is set up to quickly switch between normal view and subrow editing.

High Resolution Timing (Rows per Beat): Alternatively, to increase the resolution without the use of subrows, you can simply change the number of tracker rows that reViSiT uses for each musical beat in the host. Whereas in the past this was fixed at 4, you can now set this anywhere between 1 and 16 - effectively varying the pattern speed between 1/4 to 4x of the normal rate. Combined with subrow editing and tempo variation in the host, this allows you to time notes and musical events with a fidelity less than 1/2500th of a second... making reViSiT perfect for even the most demanding musical genres.

"New-look" Pattern Editor: The Pattern Editor has been overhauled to accommodate these features, improving the appearance, accuracy and visibility of numerous features, as well as introducing the new reViSiT Logo. To complement being able to zoom in to subrow editing, it is also now possible to zoom out, to get a wider view at you music. For those working on the keyboard, you can alternate between your two favourite zoom settings, by pressing Ctrl-# - reViSiT remembers where you were whenever you switch.

Changes since v1.1.3:

  • [ADD] Pattern Zoom Out (Ctrl-# / Ctrl-Scrollwheel), for shrinking the text to see more of the pattern.
  • [ADD] Pattern Zoom In (Ctrl-# / Ctrl-Scrollwheel), for exploding them to see editable subrows (frames).
  • [ADD] Rows per Beat setting (Preferences, F12), enabling up to an additional 4x increased time resolution.
  • [ADD] Switch/Alternate zoom mode shortcut (Ctrl-#).
  • [ADD] Zoom menu on statusbar.
  • [MOD] New-look pattern editor.
  • [MOD] Improved spacing for user-specified fonts.
  • [MOD] Ctrl-# no longer triggers feedback dialog.
  • [MOD] Clearer button status.
  • [MOD] Functions not assigned a key revert to default, as long as no key conflicts are created.
  • [FIX] Resource leak when switching to Pitch tab.
  • [FIX] Untidy graphics at pattern edges.
  • [FIX] Channel 64 sometimes inaccessible, off-screen.
  • [DOC] Pattern Editor pages mention Pattern Zoom.
  • [DOC] Preferences page mentions Rows per beat.
  • [DOC] New timing features described in Pro Edition page.
  • [DOC] Channel 1-8 muting added to Pattern Editor keys.
  • [MOD] Improved stability for non-conforming VST hosts.
  • [FIX] Loading samples during playback causing crash.
  • [FIX] Occasional errors when using text boxes.
  • [FIX] 1-tick resolution stalls playback (e.g. A01).
  • [FIX] Playback no longer stops when hosts try to "sleep".


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