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nashNET updates reViSiT to v0.94

Chris Nash

nashNET has updated reViSiT to v0.94. The forthcoming reViSiT 0.95 Std will be the last scheduled beta release to the public. The remaining versions, 0.96-0.99, will be internal builds of the Professional Edition, in preparation for its own public release, as part of a scientific research study that will begin at the release of v1.0. At that point, the Professional edition will be free to anyone who takes part in the study (details of which will be announced nearer the time).

In the meantime, reViSiT v0.94 features many improvements and updates:

  • Resonant Filter Support: reViSiT now provides you with a resonant low pass filter effect for each instrument. The feature is similar to that of Impulse Tracker, with options to extend the frequency range - 5kHz, 10kHz and 20kHz settings, for compatibility with IT, MPT and the human ear, respectively (defaulting to the format of the loaded file). The filter effect is accessible through a dedicated instrument dual envelope (for cutoff frequency and resonance, respectively) or through the Zxx effect, in the pattern (Z00-Z7F changes cutoff frequency, Z80-Z8F changes resonance). The filters, as part of the program and not a sound driver hack, should behave slightly more intuitively compared to that in IT.
  • Major stability improvements: The crash report feature, together with some much appreciated support from the Pro testers, has allowed nashNET to plug some holes in reViSiT's foundations, which were causing various forms of unpleasantness. These fixes should be a major improvement, taking reViSiT a giant step closer to the v1.0 release. MIDI timing has also been improved, though some hosts will favour shorter ASIO latencies (e.g. <15ms), when playing detached from the host.
  • Lots of minor additions and improvements: The book is now closed on new v1.0 features (though the v2.0 feature list is growing steadily), and this release sees the introduction of the last few features, such as: envelope carry (where the envelope of a new note picks up where the last left off); note-less MIDI (MIDI messages can now be sent without triggering a note, using the instrument column on it's own); an enlarged toolbar (for grabbing and moving the reViSiT window); and fixes for lots of smaller interface and workflow niggles.
  • [Professional Edition Update]: The big news for the Pro edition is the introduction of MIDI-triggered pattern playback, allowing you to play tracker patterns from a keyboard or MIDI track in the host. Recording a MIDI track and linking it to reViSiT thus allows you to lay down, cut up and move around your tracked music with the tools of the host – for example, with the mouse in the arrange window. The feature currently only permits one pattern playing at a time, but reViSiT's architecture has already been refitted to extend this further down the road...

For full details and many more changes, please read the release notes and download reViSiT v0.94 Beta here.



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