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nashNET releases reViSiT v0.92.1 Beta

Chris Nash

nashNET has released reViSiT v0.92.1 Beta, featuring numerous updates and improvements, such as:

  • Feedback and Crash Report Features
    Using Ctrl+# or the speech bubble icon (bottom right), you can now send nashNET your thoughts, comments, bug reports and suggestions directly from reViSiT, with the additional option of including a screenshot, technical data or even pattern data. Furthermore, a similar screen will popup in the event that reViSiT becomes unstable, enabling you to send debug data that will help identify where the problem occurred, and also allowing you to briefly comment on what you were doing at the time.
  • Audio Performance and Quality Improvements
    Yet more profiling and optimizing, as well as a new compiler, have led to a lighter memory and CPU load and code that can take advantage of technologies in specific processors (e.g. SSE, SIMD, etc.). Improvements in audio quality also come from an overhaul of the volume ramping code.
  • Volume/Panning Swing and Pitch-based Panning
    These features complete the Impulse Tracker instrument model: swing helps add a little randomness to volume and panning settings, and pitch-based panning can be useful for broadening the spatial presence of instruments (e.g. having low notes on the left and high on the right, as a pianist might hear from their instrument).
  • Minor bug fixes
    A slightly more robust MIDI architecture should reduce the possibility of hanging notes and also allow for chord playback when auditioning MIDI instruments. The new code also supports troublesome hosts (notably REAPER) a little better. A number of small, non-critical glitches have also been smoothed over.
  • [ Professional Edition Update ]
    v0.92.1 Pro greatly benefits from the optimisations mentioned above, meaning that the addition of surround sound and assignable outputs now comes at minimal cost to CPU load. Internally, reViSiT Pro processes over 64 simultaneous 5.1 audio channels (minimum 384 discrete channels, total), each routable, through one of four methods, to any of 16 5.1 outputs (and additional 96 discrete channels, total). By comparison the Standard Edition is 64+ channels of stereo audio and one bus (129 discrete channels, total).

For full details and many more changes, you can read the release notes and download reViSiT v0.92.1 Beta here.



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