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Francesco Sondelli, founder of F-Audiolabs, has joined forces with Nembrini Audio to create a series of plugins. The goal is to bring more analog sound, vibe and feel to an ever growing world of computer-based digital plug-ins.

The Echobandit Plug-ins Pedal and Rack are modeled after the original Echobandit by F-Pedals, the combination of both Gold and Silver edition with some extra features.

The Echobandit original pedal is in the list of "must have mini pedals" made by sound guru Pete Thorn.

Both Pedal and Rack version of the Plug-in include a Filter knob control that allows a sound range from the Gold to the Silver version of the original pedal and everything in between.

It will cover a wide range of sounds from classic slap back to experimental modern long distorted sounds. It can be warm and smooth or aggressive and punchy to cover all your possible soundscapes needs.

The Pedal version features:

  • Mix: sets the balance between the dry input signal and the effect.
  • Repeat: Sets the amount of the echo repetitions.
  • Tape: Add Tape fluttering and saturation.
  • Time: Turn the Knob clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease the speed of the modulation.
  • Foot Switch On/Off: Switches the distortion effect In/Out of the signal path.

The Rack version has been enhanced and has 2 independent EchoBandit channels that can be used in mono, dual mono and stereo. Each channel has independent controls.

Additional Rack version features:

  • Pan: Moves the channel position to L or R.
  • Dry/Wet: Blends the effected and dry signal.
  • Sync button to synchronize the time of the echo to your hosting DAW.
  • LCDs (one per channel) will display the Tempo division when in SYNC mode or the Speed in MilliSeconds when not synched to host.
  • Links buttons to link the controls of the 2 separate channels.
  • Master Link to set ON/OFF all 4 link buttons simultaneously.
  • Input/Output: Level knobs for maximum versatility.
  • A VU-Meter to monitor the signal input and output.

Bundle Intro Price: $29.99 valid until 31 January 11:59PM GMT + 1 (Reg. $99).




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