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Numerical Audio updates Volt Synth to v1.1

Numerical Audio

Numerical Audio has updated Volt to v1.1 including a host of improvements and bug-fixes.

Amongst other things, the update includes a much improved onscreen keyboard which now includes the option to set the number of octaves, quantized glide as well as polyphonic vertical slide, MPE sensitivity settings and more.

In addition, preset management has been streamlined and moved into the Audio Unit itself providing full preset management when running inside a DAW.

Managing favourites is now possible as well and just like user presets, favourites are shared between the standalone and audio unit versions.

Volt v1.1 is available as a free update from Apple App Store.

Full Release Notes:

  • Fixed crash when loading the AU into Auria Pro.
  • UI: Main UI can now be scrolled left and right.
  • UI: improved 12.9 inch layout.
  • UI: fixed an issue where double tapping some controls would cause them to center rather than default to their init value.
  • UI: tapping on the tempo section now brings up a text input.
  • ARP: fixed an issue where presets using up/down mode would not work.
  • Presets: added support for managing favourites.
  • Presets: tapping the active preset display now brings up a favourite select popover.
  • Presets: moved preset manager into the AU part.
  • Keyboard: added option to configure MPE glide sensitivity.
  • Keyboard: added option to switch between a range of 1, 2 or 3 octaves.
  • Keyboard: settings will now be restored when restarting the app.
  • Keyboard: fixed an issue where glide would not be sent on initial key down resulting in a noticeable bend once glide was engaged.
  • Keyboard: fixed an issue with the onscreen keyboard where latched keys would not persist changing octaves.
  • Keyboard: onscreen keyboard now supports quantized glide in regular mode.
  • Keyboard: onscreen keyboard now supports polyphonic vertical slide in regular mode.
  • DSP: fixed an issue where using the lightning to mini jack adapter would cause glitches in standalone mode.
  • MIDI: fixed an issue where pitchbend could generate audible stepping.
  • MIDI: fixed an issue where VOLT's virtual input port would no longer work if a MIDI input device was selected.


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