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Parawave Audio has updated Rapid to version 1.1.0 and added support for custom user libraries. The new features allows users to import and manage their own sound material via drag & drop or file chooser. Supported input formats are WAV RIFF and Apple AIFF at various channel, sample-rate and bit-depth configurations.

It's now possible to create, maintain, archive and install custom sound libraries. The imported sound content can be named and sorted into user-defined categories. Additional metadata can be specified in a new information tab.

Single- or multi-cycle wavetables can be added with constant frame sizes (e.g. 2048 samples). Internal re-sampling and stretching loads and plays all waveforms without aliasing. An optional "de-click frame" feature reduces unwanted buzz noises if realistic non-wavetable content is loaded. It's now an easy thing to import real instruments (e.g. at C4) and re-sample them into high quality RAPID wavetables.

Convertible and loadable are single- or multi-samples with different velocities and round robin. An automatic note detection recognizes the embedded MIDI unity note information, or identifies a note token within the filename and assigns the samples to the key map. The content is compressed lossless and optimized into archives for faster load times.

A special resynthesis algorithm allows the creation of new unique synthetic textures by manipulating the spectral content of any source sample. This method pre-renders and compresses the re-synthesized material at different pitches into a multi-sample. A new source of inspiration and a creative tool for all new-kinds of sound design techniques.


  • New source browser design.
  • Support for user content libraries.
  • Wavetable import (incl. re-sampling to table root frequency).
  • Sample import (incl. loop points, at any input sample-rate).
  • Sample Resynthesis. Converts the spectral content of an input sample into a multi-sample.
  • Drag & Drop sound files onto oscillator displays to quickly import new content.
  • Auto map multiple input samples to the whole keyboard range.
  • Import formats (RIFF WAV, Apple AIFF).
  • Sortable and renamable source browser categories and entries.


  • Separate Wavetable & Multi-Sample tabs.
  • Remove modulation option in context menu now shows all routings of a control.


  • Tooltip typos.
  • Default VST program name, needed for some VST hosts/wrappers.
  • Increased loop wrap accuracy.
  • Left and right channel was swapped during re-sampling.
  • Sample playback preview now shows the actual waveform when oscillator key-track is turned off.


  • Multi-Sample pre-render Quality option. There was no real improvement on high setting.


  • Reduced Wavetable load times.
  • Reduced Multi-Sampler load times.
  • Faster drawing for source browser entries.
  • Removed some run-time allocations.
  • Reduced preset parser load times.

Price: 179.99€.



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