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Parawave Audio updates Rapid Synthesizer to 1.5.0 - Adds new re-sizeable GUI, 10 Themes, Oscillator Insert-Effects and Filters

Parawave Audio

Parawave Audio has updated Rapid to version 1.5.0 and added an overhauled scalable 16:9 HD user interface, ready for modern 4K displays.

Hardware accelerated drawing via graphics processing unit and OpenGL also relieve the processor and allow for smooth 60 frames per second visualizations.

All wavetable effects are now drawn in real-time, visualizing the parameter changes in the display, making it easier to understand how the waveform is processed.

There are thirteen new wavetable effect models included - Asymmetric Clip, Sync Add, Formant Shift, Bend Side/Mid/Double/Mirror and Phase Overlap 2x/3x.

What's New? YouTube.com/watch?v=mXSsR1geZmo

Here is the complete change log.


  • Resizeable GUI.
  • GUI 'Themes' are now switchable via options menu.
  • Draggable GUI resizer in the bottom right corner.
  • Graphics rendering via OpenGL (CPU is still available via options).
  • Pitch and modulation wheels on master page.
  • Stereo balance for mixer and send channels.
  • Individual oscillators can now enable skip of filter and insert.
  • Key ranges are now move- and re-sizeable via mouse wheel.
  • Quick Modifier for Pitch, Mix-Voice, Mix-Delay and Mix-Reverb on master page.
  • Side-chain position marker and preview.
  • Holding shift when setting sequence steps now locks the selected shape.
  • New types Formant A & B for filter module.
  • New oscillator insert effects: Asymmetric Clip.
  • New oscillator insert effects: Sync Add & Formant Shift.
  • New oscillator insert effects: Bend Side/Mid/Double/Mirror.
  • New oscillator insert effects: Overlap 2x/3x.
  • Layer context menu can now reset all macros.
  • Modulator context menu now contains a reset function.
  • Oscillator display now previews wavetable insert effects in real-time.
  • Oscillator display now shows random range, position, phase and loop marker.
  • LFO and Sequences can now use re-trigger modes 'First Note' and 'First Input'.
  • Velocity meter plus note value in headline.
  • Previous and next buttons for modulator and effect presets.
  • Added various copy & paste context menus for text fields.


  • Application options menu is now available by clicking the RAPID logo.
  • Mix modules uses gain parameter from insert plus balance per voice.
  • Mix module can reorder the processing of filter and insert.
  • Reduced key range minimum to one. Double click to reset to a default range.
  • Adding a modulation via drag and drop now uses a default routing amount greater than zero.
  • When loading another preset the current layer now stays selected.
  • If the voicing count is set to 1, mono legato now uses a monophonic mode and re-triggers envelopes.
  • Voicing wave-scope is turned off if scale is set to zero.
  • Popup Menu for BPM Sync times (normal, triplet, dotted) now uses three columns.


  • Envelope position marker now also previews delay time phase.
  • LFO waveform now displays the actual output value as marker with circle head.
  • LFO waveform now uses a different fill method when in bipolar mode.
  • LFO waveform now displays the actual random values for hold and glide mode.
  • Sequences now display a time phase marker at rates below 8Hz.
  • Preset browser now shows ellipses if the text is too long to display.
  • Increased arpeggiator octaves control mouse drag sensibility.
  • Reduced phase artifacts in oscillator insert under certain conditions.
  • Sample playback preview is now displayed relative to pitch.
  • Invalid or zero loop ranges now correctly play one-shots instead of silent loops.
  • Increased comb filter accuracy at high frequencies.
  • Copy & Paste in context menu for most parameters.
  • MIDI Learn is now available for almost all external parameters.


  • Multi-Sample preview is only rendered when displayed, increasing preset loading times.
  • Pre-Render of multi-sample previews is now multi-threaded.
  • Reduced unnecessary re-draws of running arpeggiator patterns.
  • Reduced re-draw performance of wave-scope buffers.
  • Removed modulator preview value run-time allocations.
  • Removed legato voice nodes run-time allocations.
  • Speedup voice buffer mixing process.

Price: 179.99€.



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