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Plogue releases Demo Version of chipcrusher effect plugin


bitcrusher vst/au/rtas pluginPlogue has released a free demo version of chipcrusher, the bitcrusher, speaker simulator and noise machine that was launched by Plogue earlier this month.

The three main components in chipcrusher are: DAC Encoding, Background Noise and Post-Processing.

The audio signal first goes through a simulation of early lofi digital audio codecs (DAC Encoding). Then it gets mixed with the background noise to add some grit. Finally, the sound is sent through a selection of speakers and filter impulse responses. Each component can be bypassed on demand without muting the audio.


  • Multiple DAC Encodings instead of a classic bitcrusher - The DAC Encoding resamples the input audio and re-encodes it using your choice of LPCM, FPCM, DPCM, A-Law, ?-Law, DIALOGIC, BRR, YADPCM, LPC-10, PWM or PDM.
  • Background Noise - Noises were recorded and looped from Plogue's collection of gear. These consoles and arcade boards were also used for the research behind chipsounds.
  • Post Processing - A convolution engine allows chipcrusher's sound to go through vintage gaming devices, computers or monitors. Each impulse gives a different tonal quality to the sound. The available impulses are split into 5 categories: Computers, Filters, Monitors, Game Devices and Musical Instruments.

chipcrusher can work as a VST/AU/RTAS plug-in for most major sequencing audio programs and supported tracker programs. All this on both Windows and OS X operating systems.

Price: $49 for the full version of chipcrusher.



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