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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9760


Plogue has updated Bidule, the modular music software, to v0.9760.


  • New extra test version: 64-bit processing and new .bidule files parsing code.
  • Function: added round() and trunc().
  • Added 36, 40, 44 and 48 channels versions of audio file player and recorder.
  • Multi Note Remapper: added relative octave link mode.
  • Added 1-sample processing to: Audio Matrix, CrossFader, Matrix Mixer, FIR Table, FIR, Attack Release, Dither, Matrix Sequencer, Map, Lookup Table, Input Selector, Indexed Value List, Multi-tap Delay, Stack, Gate/Trigger Divider, Gate/Trigger Sequencer, Pan, Continuous Surround Panner, Output Selector, XY, Variables Multi, Value List, Trigger To Gate.
  • Shift-home will collapse the tree in group parameters, parameter links and palette.
  • Cmd/ctrl-[ and ] will shortcut to Locate in Parameters (source) and (target) on the currently selected bidule.

Bug Fixes:

  • macOS: when opening a layout made on a computer with a different monitors setup some windows could end up being off-screen/hidden.
  • Refined granularity of handling of parameter value changes for UIs because some changes could be delayed or skipped.
  • MIDIMatrix: Close Sustain Pedal does not show up in the UI.
  • VST3 hosting: MIDI learn does not work like other bidules/plugins.
  • VST3 hosting: adding a VocalSynth 2 instance causes a crash.
  • MIDI File Player: playing a file with more tracks than the player can use could cause a crash.
  • VST hosting: a saved plugin UI resizing/zooming is not always reloaded.
  • DSP Adapter: a DSP adapted group can not be wrapped into another DSP adapter.
  • OSC Server: a sequence of operations with groups could lead to a crash or corruption of the address space.


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