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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9753


Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9753.


  • Added OSCExtractor2.
  • Group parameters dialog: added possibility to rename multiple parameters.
  • When saving over an existing file, a backup copy of the original file is created.
  • Made most string parameters linkable too.

Bug Fixes:

  • AU: renaming an AU while Bidule is hosted in Logic/MainStage could crash.
  • AU: some AUs do not show their UIs in 32-bit.
  • DSP Adapter: terminal bidules running inside a DSP Adapter are not using the right clock.
  • MIDI device: using MIDI CC feedback could lead to a crash.
  • MIDI File Player: sometimes does not signal transport changes correctly through sync.
  • OSC: for VSTs the previous preset name could be sent through OSC after the VST changed it.
  • Sync To MIDI: can send continuous MIDI_STOP.
  • VST: a duplicate of the body in the patchbay can be shown when a VST changes it's I/O count.
  • VST: Flux: and GRM Tools plugins do not show multiple I/O configurations.
  • VST: plugins suddenly declaring latency do not show an extra output.
  • VST3: editor resizing is not working correctly for some plugins.

Bug Fixes in v0.9750:

  • Deleting a bidule with a parameter linked to multiple other parameters could cause a crash.


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