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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9756


Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9756.


  • Added Ghost Mode (patchbay transparency with Shift-click to access windows underneath).
  • Added MIDI SysEx message creator (needs to be connected directly to a MIDI output device).
  • Added Locate bidule in Parameters dialog context menu.
  • Bumped MP Assign to 15 worker threads when enough cores are available.
  • Added focus to first text field when opening the UI for a bidule.
  • MIDI CC and Velocity Remappers can now be resized.
  • Rename will apply to all selected bidules.
  • OSC and function bidule use a larger text box.
  • Faster DSP changes and correct mutate are now the defaults.
  • MIDI Note Extractor: glide default is now 0.
  • MIDI KS: added parameter to prevent sending All Notes Off CC message.
  • MIDI Monitor: better font for macOS 64-bit.
  • Group parameters: less close/open when changing parameters order on an already opened UI.
  • MIDI Filters: added parameter to control to which output unrelated messages are sent.
  • MIDI File Recorder/Buffer: added parameter to switch between type 0 and type 1 (still on the same track) files.
  • MIDI: added support for passthrough SysEx when connecting input and output directly.
  • Parameter Properties dialog: added multiple selection.
  • Spectral Graph Analyzer: added current value display on mouse over.

Bug Fixes:

  • Deleting a red MIDI output device using MIDI Feedback from a loaded file would keep the MID Feedback reference on re-saving and prevent further loading.
  • Audio Buffer: missing clear buffer parameter.
  • macOS 64-bit: some characters that were not supported in file/folder names can now be used.
  • macOS Sierra: having the tips enabled could lead to having double-click unresponsive.
  • MIDI File Recorder/Buffer: tempo and time signature are rewritten into file when they do not change.
  • Note Transpose: out of range MIDI notes could cause stuck notes later when wraparound is disabled.
  • Plugin mode: .previous file are generated for temporary files.
  • Prevent resize cursor to show on plugin windows (can be modified in preferences).
  • Spectral Value displays were not allowed in offline mode.
  • Value List/Indexed Value List: using the shuffle option can lead to file not loading.


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