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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9747


Plogue has updated Bidule to v0.9747.

Changes in Version 0.9747:

  • Added up/down sampling version of DSP Adapter.
  • Added Frequency/Magnitude Value Extractor.
  • AU/VST3: preset menu now show the presets structure (if any).
  • Audio File Looper: can now also zoom on content while holding CTRL (WIN) /CMD (OS X).
  • Audio File Looper: can now select a section while holding SHIFT.
  • Delay Line: added clear contents input.
  • Knob: new look (except for OS X 32-bit).
  • MIDI Message Remapper: added byte swapping for messages with 2 bytes.
  • MIDI Switchers/Routers: added a close sustain pedal parameter.
  • OSC: added option to send all parameters on file load.
  • Windows: WaveViewer and Graphical Envelope look now closer to the OS X version.

Bug Fixes:

  • Arpeggiator/Echo: crash can occur if sync is set to Same As Parent Group.
  • Patchbay: fixed possible error when deleting bidules.
  • Plugin hosting: removing a MeldaProduction plugin can corrupt the font in the patchbay.
  • Plugin mode: fixed possible lost of sync info from the host.
  • VST hosting OS X 64-bit: GUI position is not remembered.
  • VST hosting OS X 64-bit: GUI doesn't popup at center.
  • VST3: GUI position is not remembered.
  • VST3: possible crash when removing a plugin.


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