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Realitone Fingerpick with Pattern Player updated to v1.2


Realitone has released the 1.2 update for their Kontakt Player instrument, Fingerpick. The update adds 17 new patterns to the Pattern Player (for a total of 29), including pop and neo-folk styles. There are also some minor performance tweaks, and some new sample content has also been added.

New patterns and features are demonstrated in this walkthrough video:




Discussion: Active
The Translator
The Translator
16 November 2016 at 6:12pm

I recently purchased this product. As a first-time customer, I was lured by their 30 day money back guarantee. With an offer like that, I wondered: How good can this REALLY be, right? In a word: VERY. Mike and his crew have (happily for us) thought "outside the (developers') box" to give us a nice-sounding, easy to use, WAY overdue tool for our creative toolboxes: Fingerpick. The rapid update corrected some minor "warts" on the original version and more than doubled the original set of patterns. As a guitarist who owns most of the virtual guitars on the market for studio recording/composing, I have spent way too much time programming finger-picking patterns into them - with mixed results. The brilliant folks at Realitone have provided a great assist in this regard with Fingerpick. At this price-point, there is currently nothing out there to match it.I consider it a smart investment. Go pick it up today and try it. My bet is that you won't want your money back in 30 days.

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