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Sonic Scores updates Overture to v5.1.2

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture 5 to version 5.1.2.


  • Add an Apply button to Articulations and Expression section in Track Inspector. This changes the playback setting for existing articulations/expressions in the score to the settings in panel. This works for selected symbols in the score, and if none are selected, then all symbols are affected.
  • Added the ability to send bank changes to articulations, slurs, and most symbols that affect playback.
  • Improved slur placement when creating new slurs.
  • Added ability to drag multiple data and tempo points in Data view.
  • Added Notes>Note As>Appoggiatura notes menu command.
  • Improved chord suffix spacing and element size when using Aloisen Groove font.
  • Improved alternate meter spacing, especially when using Aloisen Groove font. Improved dragging of the vertical bars for Hollywood lines.
  • Added the ability for hairpins to automatically set their start and end MIDI values based on surrounding dynamics and hairpins. You can enable/disable it in Options>Auto>Fill Hairpin Values.
  • Reduced the size of Aloisen Groove Text font lower case non-ASCII characters.
  • Overture now reads and writes MusicXML pedal marks.
  • Added option to default to Half-diminished chords instead of m7b5 in Chord panel settings.


  • Fixed value calculation problem in Hairpin dialog when setting middle dynamic value.
  • Fixed problem when dragging the end of a hairpin past the end of the system that sometimes caused hairpins in between staves to jump above top staff.
  • Fixed crash when step inputting tuplets just past a rest.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly converted some tablature note heads when reading old Overture files.
  • Fixed crash when starting with a blank page template, The crash was introduced in 5.1.
  • Fixed Page Text alignment problem that always forced it to left edge.
  • Added a few missing characters in Aloisen Groove font and had to reposition a few to match changes in Bravura font.
  • Fixed problem with Undo/Redo buttons being overlapped on small screens.
  • Fixed problem that caused some notes that should be in top staff to be notated on the bottom staff of a piano track.
  • Fixed magic mouse scrolling in reverse direction in Data view.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when extracting parts that resulted in a key signature ending the on last measure of system.
  • Fixed not saving several Page Layout Inches/Centimeters/ and Portrait/Landscape settings.
  • Fixed problem when converting note (s) to grace note and rests were not applied.


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