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reViSiT v0.87.2 released

Chris Nash

reViSiT v0.87.2 is now available.


  • Added: MIDI-In for Note Entry.
  • Added: Bxx (Jump to Order) effect.
  • Added: Axx (Resolution Control) effect.
  • Added: Laptop shortcuts added: '['/']' for next/previous pattern (use Ctrl to advance in order), Ctrl+'-'/'=' for octave changes.
  • Added: Numeric entry for sliders (just type)
  • Added: Loading of multiple samples - select while holding Ctrl in sample file dialog.
  • Added: Pattern skip during F5 playback (Num-'+'/'-' or -/= for laptop users)
  • Added: Shift-Space in Info Page mutes and decrements cursor.
  • Added: Numeric pad support in VST Host keyboard mode.
  • Added: Ctrl-L/O/S (Load/Open/Save) keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added: Shift-n (where n is 0-9) sets cursor increment to 10-19.
  • Added: Ctrl-F6 to play current pattern from cursor.
  • Added: Initial Resolution setting in Preferences.
  • Added: Increment/decrement keys for numeric text boxes.
  • Added: File Menu added to Main Menu.
  • Added: Playback Menu added to Main Menu.
  • Added: Goto Instrument (in pattern) / Sample (in keymap) from row ('G').
  • Added: US Keyboard support (use ` or ' for vol/pan switch and Note Off)
  • Modified: Keyboard modes replaced - if keyboard not working, hit the key icon in the the bottom right.
  • Modified: Track length no longer saved with module (inherits from pattern length)l
  • Modified: Sample speed now defaults to that in sample file.
  • Modified: Auditioning now stops upon key release.
  • Modified: Info Page graphics performance improvements.
  • Modified: Alt-N (Skip to next empty pattern) now moves cursor to 0,0.
  • Modified: Miscellaneous Memory Optimisations.
  • Modified: Max Pattern length now 256.
  • Modified: New notes now reset MIDI Channel Volume (unlike IT2).
  • Modified: Warning now appears when playback attempted in area skipped by Cxx command.
  • Fixed: Memory corruption when loading samples.
  • Fixed: MIDI Volume falling off when Instrument Global set lower than 64.
  • Fixed: Steinberg Freeze support removed (had issues).
  • Fixed: Esc misbehaving in Pattern Options and MIDI Settings.
  • Fixed: Sample [file]name no longer limited to 12 chars.
  • Fixed: Instrument Menu Update problems.
  • Fixed: Intermittent button failures in some hosts.
  • Fixed: "Modules"/"Samples" prompts mismatched in folder path boxes.
  • Fixed: Crashing on Instrument #99.
  • Fixed: Alt/Shift/Ctrl no longer interfere with mouse.
  • Fixed: Excessive CPU usage on instrument list.
  • Fixed: Graphics Priority option removed.
  • Fixed: Problems switching between Menu and Instrument List.
  • Fixed: Clipboard and editing problems with large patterns (>64 rows)
  • Fixed: Occasional errors while switching patterns or pasting data during playback.
  • Fixed: Resetting of playback cursor while switching patterns.


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