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reViSiT v0.90.2 Beta released

Chris Nash

reViSiT v0.90.2 Beta is now available.

Main changes:

  • Instrument Envelopes improved: The code for drawing instrument envelopes and handling mouse and keyboard interaction has been completely rewritten. As such, the envelopes now take up more of the screen and dragging nodes around with the mouse should be more intuitive. Astute observers will notice that the panning envelope still on takes up half the window, so that in the Pro Edition there's room for the extra panning envelope to control the extra dimension in surround sound – depth.
  • Other changes and bug fixes: In addition to the keyswitching problems in the last release, this update fixes a number of minor memory handling problems and leaks, as well as a couple of teething problems with .1's channel naming and colouring features.

Professional Edition Update: Surround Sound support is now 95% complete. Since the last update, support for discrete channel addressing (e.g. sending to the Centre or LFE channel, or even just the Left or Right channel) has been added. Discrete channels are addressed by entering an abbreviation of the channel (e.g. FL = Front Left, LF = Low Frequency Effects or LFE), in one of the pattern's panning columns. Of course, since you have two such columns in the Pro Edition (for width and depth), you can enter two discrete channels at once. Instruments now also have full support for depth, through the Panning tab, so that you can 2D panning envelopes, or set default depth and theta values for instruments (and samples) and so on. Similarly, the Channel Configuration screen now allows you to specify values for Channel Depth and Theta (in addition to the normal Volume and Panning). All that remains is to add pattern effects for sliding depth and (possibly) theta, before wider testing can begin.



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